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Phan • BTS • Memes  are you looking for quality content? well you've come to the wrong place because this page is full of trash. enjoy! >•<

OMG i signed this petition and you should too!! look up " daniel howell" and sign it so he could have a role in the new movie! this would be so amazing for everyone ahhhh

whoever says dan and/or phil is ugly can fight me! i've already unfriended people for talking shit about dnp so i'm ready. (btw i get super protective over my obsessions lol) ((also i accidentally posted this on my main acc but luckily, i deleted it as soon as possible. phew, that was close 😂))

thanks for the spam @luscious_trash :)

ugh i've been feeling so bad today and i'm really mad at people for some reason and ughhh this is so confusing!

guess who's learning Never Gonna Give You Up on piano....i'm going to rickroll people in the best way possible :)

@txryn.dxly love you 😂

today has been a roller coaster of a day.

i have a new favourite word: flibbertigibbets. i got it from a video someone made of bts and i still find it funny to this day. "i'm weird and i have a stupid sense of humour" ~ Vicky

i remember this. i replayed it like 50 times.

really late but...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE! i've loved you for almost 3 years now and every one of your videos is guaranteed to make me laugh, scared, scream and of course S H O O K! anyway, love you @shanedawson hope you have a good one x

i have mixed feelings about this..... (btw i'm just gonna post phan stuff, random memes and whatever i feel like at the time on here so if you don't like it then you can unfollow lol)

so i got more than 200 likes on my last post?! how did that happen?! my account isn't even good so why would anyone follow/like it in the first place??!! anyway thanks for more than 200 likes on my post and more than 400 followers!! sorry for rambling...thanks and byeeee ❤️ EDIT: now it has more than 300! 😂

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