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Hey phannies! I took your recommendations into consideration and I will be moving to @editedbymarina !! For anyone worrying, I WILL STILL BE POSTING DAN AND PHIL OVER THERE!! dan and phil own my ass so it would be hard just to drop them. Posting on this account was just- boring. Everyone is inactive too so it was time to move. Anyway, I probably will be inactive on this account but maybe I’ll make this like a spam account. Maybe I’ll pop back here and say hello idk. Thank you to everyone who was around since mythicalmuffin (yikes) or even followed me recently ily😗😗 I’ll probably never get to where I am with this account again but I guess that’s ok. Maybe I’ll regret this in the future who knows, but right now it’s for the better. This is an end of a sad sad era, goodbye @phansfilms, my sweet prince.
-Marina xoxo
(Also any important gc’s add my other account to them!!) @editedbymarina
I hope to see you there^

Y’all need to help me out I’m genuinely so stressed out and idk what to do ok so here is the problem; this account um isn’t doing her best and posting textposts are so fucking boring but I love editing so much (no I don’t hate dnp they literally own me🤠🤠) and I have my other account for editing and I don’t know if I should move accounts or,,, like I’d still post dnp and JacksFilms etc shit over there but it would be MY content for once. Idk help
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