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Rae 😎🎨  they/them pls sit on me "I actually kept that, I have it in my house" -Dan Howell When temperatures get too high the elderly will start to die

Yeah this was the eclipse or whatever I'm in the dining hall just crying because I miss home

Smash or pass πŸ€”?

This is the most 2009 picture I've ever seen

Also I'm the only one in my dorm that has a hammock and I'm proud

My setup is super clean and super aesthetic

Guys I'm in college here's my ass

Off to college as you can see I'm taking it super well

Y'all got me fucked up I remember opening this account when I was a fucking freshmen in highschool and now I'm bouta be a freshman in college and I remember when all of you were cringey and said "rawr I'm a Danosaur xD go phillions!" And now like 80% of the Dan and Phil fandom that was around back then smokes pot and it's so amazing and sad and happy at the same time I wish we could have a phan ig family reunion

I feel buff πŸ˜ƒ

I guess transgender in the military is """"""disruptive"""""" asshole

Check out new video pls 😬 the link is in my bio #danisnotonfire #amazingphil #phan #danandphil #youtube

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