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Rae 😎🎨  they/them pls sit on me "I actually kept that, I have it in my house" -Dan Howell When temperatures get too high the elderly will start to die

Had senior pictures today but selfies will always rule

Crossfit will be the death of me

I like this spectrum thing πŸ˜„

My hair turned green of cou r se

Comment or dm me if you want to see my prom dress!!!!!! I can't post it because my bf follows me and he wants me to wait till prom πŸ––πŸ»

When ur trying to say the word "bandwagon" and your fucking mind changes it and you say "gangbang" at a church in front of your grandma πŸ˜„ @kesie_

When @imaliveimpaige leaves @jeffreestarcosmetics Gemini in your car 😏

I'm officially gonna meet misha Collins and I'm also officialky #broke

I'm dressed like a girl I don't know what I feel lmao #danisnotonfire #amazingphil #phan #danandphil

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