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So here it is. When we live in a country where 50 percent of its citizens dont think evolution is a thing and we throw away science, this is what we get. Overtaken. Passed up. Are we keeping score yet? The number of people that rank in the top 1% in IQ in China out numbers the population of the united states. This work was done in china. . . Not here. We love the kardashians here… soap box done. Happy friday! Yay #science

I just opened my oven and saw my wife made this shit from scratch!!!

My loves

Phx sunset

And it is schedule 1 illegal. The war on drugs is stupid

Exactly. Theres too many sensitive assholes who cant debate people. Im with Maher.

Like father like son.

Take control of your reproductive rights dudes. Your decision now.

What ive been saying. Legalize it and hurt the cartel.

Seriously?! This guy man.

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