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Paula Froelich  Professional Explorer. Storyteller. Polymath. Former Yahoo Travel EIC; Snapchat 👻: @karlfro

The adventure in life is in living. Every day. The story doesn’t end.
The steepest staircase heading up a cliff to a monastery outside of #mandalay #Myanmar

“Courage, and honor, and pride and pity, and love of justice and of liberty. They all touch the heart, and what the heart holds to becomes truth, as far as we know the truth. Do you see now?”
- William Faulkner “the bear”
I met this gorgeous little girl in Zambia and she had such class, sass and style ... I just loved her! Pic by @beautybets #zambiastyle #africastyle #zambian #africanqueen

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”
- Albert Einstein
Still thinking of the trip to @anantara_medjumbe With @dannyseomag @beautybets @sara_schwartz @bizfiz @2bprinc ... very rare to have a trip where you know you have made such lovely hopefully lifelong connections. It was an important trip as well to shore me up for things that would come.
#abroadabroad #mytinyatlas #dreamtrip #livingmydream #livingmybestlife #islandgirl #islandsofadventure #privateisland

“Be scared. You can’t help that. But don’t be afraid.Ain’t nothing in the woods going to hurt you unless you corner it, or it smells that you are afraid. A bear or a deer, too, has got to be scared of a coward the same as a brave man has got to be.”​
- William Faulkner
Fishermen off the Quirimba Archipelago in #Mozambique sailing in an unmotorized wooden dhow reliant on the wind and the sea ... they live on less than $500 a year and face dangers we never even think of daily (storms, drowning, pirates etc). Courage is existence.

“Ones destination is never a place - but always a new way of seeing things”
- Henry Miller
Two Tuareg men I met on the road out of Segou #mali ... the blue men of the desert have spent the last few thousand years traversing the Sahara on camels and sometimes trucks (camels are more reliable) and can navigate an ocean of sand by the stars ✨. They were as curious about me as I was of them.

“In order to understand our present, we need to revisit our past... understanding who we were remains an essential component in understanding who we are today”
- Ingrid Rossellini
To my daddy and uncle Jim - two men who framed who I am. I love you very much. #happyfathersday
Photo from the infamous #redneckroadtrip to #sanfrancisco 2012

The ultimate #difi classic - with two #dachshunds... courtesy of @thebobmorris. (Aka: when you’re confused by geography and the #rosewine started flowing early).
Almost every time bob and I spend the weekend in bellport (when @irasilverberg is away) we end up playing dress up, strumming the ukuleles, singing our hearts out and watching cheesy old movies. Like two 12 year old girls. But with wine. Lots and lots of wine 🍷

It’s a #bff weekend in bellport w @thebobmorris and Zoloft (she’s on the right, obviously 😉)... off to HoHum Beach 🏖 for the afternoon to play Ukuleles on the beach, then a reading w Isabella Rossellini in the village.. I’m never going home.

The loneliest landing strip in the world (no, I’m not talking about anyone’s sex life 😉). I was in the first plane to land at the Bluiey East 2 air force base in over two decades... me, Phil, Allie and the amazing pilot John flew in, and almost couldn’t get out - the plane started sinking into the runway (!) had John not immediately moved it to former ground the plane ✈️ would have had to be abandoned there. Scary enough - even without the threat of #polarbears all around us. #greenland is a magical lovey largely undiscovered place that rue #adventurers live with all their hearts. #abroadabroad #mytinyatlas

#tbt to that time last summer I and three others flew a 1952 Beech airplane ✈️ to the abandoned air force base outside of Kulusuk #Greenland... I had bear spray in my pocket as apparently #polarbears roam the area (the day after we left Kulusuk one wandered into the village) - it’s also a weird side effect of #globalwarming- bears get desperate for food and come into villages (they used to never have to roam so far south but with the disappearing #polaricecap it’s becoming more common). The good news is #Denmark finally agreed to clean up the old base and earmarked $5 mill for it so... yay! @vintageairrally #abroadabroad

This time last year I was starting off an an epic adventure - flying tiny old planes across the arctic (recreating the World War II supply lines) in a vintage plane rally. That’s me in the back seat of the GRV (built in a garage in #Alabama) piloted by my pal Rocky. The next pic is our route... will be posting from that trip for the next couple days because it was just so epic!
We visited abandoned #airforce bases, small Inuit communities in #Greenland and #Canada (and got to see the horrid effects of colonialism/racism and historical treatment of indigenous people first hand - especially in Canada where the communities were visibly decimated). And also some of the most beautiful, magical, insane sights ever. It was a trip of massive contrasts. If you’d like to go on one I think they’re doing it again this year - see if anyone at @vintageairrally has an extra seat.. ITS A TRIP OF A LIFETIME AND WORTH EVERY PENNY.
#abroadabroad #flying #flyingsquirrel #airplanes #arcticcircle #dreamtrip #livingmydream #livingmybestlife

This installation at the Indiana Museum of Art pretty much describes how I feel right now 😉. Sometimes you have to turn the black dog into a red elephant... or at least try.
#abroadabroad #blackdog

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