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I spent 8 hours today wandering through the @louvreabudhabi - and tomorrow I will happily do the same. It was everything I thought it would be and more. It was an intimate, magical experience. It is a walk through the history of man but also at the same time it was just so... optimistic. And gives one a certain perspective on history, life and self. It takes art out of the vacuum and made me feel so connected and less alone. It is just perfection. I will come back every time they change the collections. More on this museum later.
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Inside the walls of the #oasis of Al Ain are perfect gardens of eden... date plantations. People own or rent them - sometimes by the individual palm tree 🌴 (or they used to before #AbuDhabi struck liquid gold with oil). It is a haven from the harsh but beautiful desert. The irrigation system has been around for hundreds of years but studies suggest the technology was around since the Bronze Age (!)
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The Emirate of #AbuDhabi is so much more than the huge new, gleaming city on the Arabian coast. 200 km inland, just past the Al Ain oasis is the huge limestone and gypsum mountain of Jebel Hafeet which rises out of the flat desert as if from nowhere (think of it as the #Ulumuru of the #MiddleEast). It has been a marker for nomads and Bedouin’s for thousands of years. At the foot of the south face near a horseshoe indentation in the mountain are the Bronze Age Hafit beehive tombs... tribes would bury their dead 💀 in these tombs along with weapons and things the dead would need in another life. I was lucky enough to have a friend of a friend drive me out to them - in the area that will soon hopefully be open as the Abu Dhabi desert park. Let’s hope it’s not effed up with four by fours and cheap hotels. It is truly beautiful and puts Abu Dhabi into perspective. I’m juxtaposing the bronze and Iron Age sites I visited yesterday with two day at the Louvre tomorrow and Wednesday... so excited!
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Inside the falcon hospital of #abudhabi... the basic procedure is like a spa. The owner will bring their bird in and (after anesthesia), it will get its nails clipped and filed, it’s feet rubbed with cream, if there are any feather missing they will get replaced - kind of like hair extensions for birds 🦅- then the tooth on the side of the beak will get filed, the ears and eyes checked and voila - ready to hunt another day! The feathers must be in pristine form at all times or it will impede the birds hunting and speed abilities. The smaller falcon, the peregrine, can fly at speeds of up to 400 km per hour... the largest falcons (the Gyr) can go for up to $400,000 but the average price for a good hunting falcon is 40,000 euros (you do the math - but damn). They can break the back of an antelope at that speed. Average kills are rabbits 🐇, pigeons 🐦, Fox 🦊, antelope etc. The hunting season is for around 3 months in the winter which is why the hospital was so full.
If you ever get to Abu Dhabi you really should book a visit here. It’s full on fascinating.
#hunting #middleeast #falconry #falcon #desert

He perfect way to spend a sunny 😎 Sunday in #LosAngeles... with two great books 📚 by two great friends @christopherjyates #gristmillroad and @theeverywhereist (WHY DO I NOT LIVE HERE IN THE SUNSHINE?!?!). A wonderful getaway to soak up some vitamin d for a few days before returning to nyc and resuming my gloom.

When you and a bunch of kick ass people show up to support your friends INCREDIBLE new book #GristMillRoad - and he place is packed! Seriously, if you want a great book - a psychological thrill, a dark look at children’s psyche set in upstate New York, you MUST get a copy of @christopherjyates new novel ... #booklovers #bookshelf #booksofinstagram #bookstagram

Someone’s developing a shoe 👠 fetish thanks to the custom made Italian heels sold exclusively at @canon_nyc ...Which is fine because it’s not like he’s buying them. He’s just trying on - although if he tries to go in my wallet ONE MORE TIME ... no chicken 🐓 for a week and I mean it!!!
#shoefetish #dachshundsofinstagram

It is so cold out it’s practically #arctic - so in honor of the freeze here is a pic of the harbor in Kulusuk #Greenland, where I visited this summer during my trek with the @vintageairrally ... this scene is way prettier than the dirty snow mounds in nyc 😉. A day after I left the east greenland village a #polarbear strolled into town. Not kidding. My timing has always been a little off.
#abroadabroad #travelersnotebook

A #throwback Thursday to last weekend - ringing in the new year with the lovely @christaylornyc @laurenmariani and the man who should have been president, former mayor, @mikebloomberg ... Sigh. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda (for me: as in gotten on my knees and begged him to run).

It’s snowing sideways in soho - scenes from a #bombcyclone... the good news is: trucks are delivering and things seem to be working - slowly, but working - the snow ❄️ is fast and furious but not huge flakes so not piling up as badly as it has in the past. Karl went out for his morning constitutional, peed and ran back into bed. Can’t say I blame him.
#bombcyclone2018 #bombcyclone2018❄️ #snowmageddon

Someone started 2018 off with a little light shoe 👠 shopping. I don’t even want to know what he’s doing tonight. Some things are better left unsaid. But if he steals my Xanax again there will be HELL to pay!
#shoeshopping #dachshundsofinstagram

Happy New Year, lady liberty 🗽... 2018 is going to be amazing. 🥂 to you all.

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