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Peyton Burnette 

Not entirely sure where the time went...but Hayes started school yesterday y'all 😭 #prek #stopgrowingplease

Happy 15th Birthday to the craziest, funniest, most sarcastic person I know. I hope your bday is great, & that Hayes actually lets you sleep in lol, I love you! {Sorry I didn't have any pics of you with your purple hair 🙀}

But really lets go back to the beach now y'all #please

To the best dog, we love you so much, Winston thank you for 10 great, crazy years. Rest easy buddy 😭

Summer Lovin ❤️❤️

How I wish he carried me through the torrential downpour last night #pleaseproceedtoemergencyexit #sorry21pilots

"and she loved a little boy very very much. Even more than she loved herself" ugh just look at that face #bestbabybrotherever

Just trying to enjoy my new book in peace...#scaryeyes

Thanks to this weirdo for convincing me to stay out past 4, for my mango daiquiris, an amazing dinner, and the best weekend 😘

i love you like a fat kid loves cake 🍰❤😍️ thanks for another great valentines day @fdegeneres

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? ~dr. seuss

Happy Birthday to the cutest & "cwaziest" 4 year old ever

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