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Loh Ee Chang  Pululu!!

What matters..

Hard to find a place to eat that can fit 16 ppl straight away

The bright sun in the dark night,
it can only get this much brighter.
If there is too much light,
the world won't become any better.

Miss this place but still don't like running.

Art Zoo where we avoided one of the stations because someone vomitted in ot (not telling which), and some kid pooped on the floor too which made a mess (not telling where). Day was good! :d

Birthday celebration with love.

Tried to become a wizard but no luck making fire, only wind. xd

#Tactical #NolightGG

Made it few minutes before your birthday passed! Happy birthday love! :d

No one can refuse free cake..?

Thank you for everything today :D! Pew pew abandoned in 5 secs sorry

When is the time when everyone is present guysss xd

Enjoyed this cunningval with @jiaqio xD

Couldn't even finish 2/5 of all these. Merry Christmas all!

Harvested prata with good company :d

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