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Hey ya all!

This is basically just a little shoutout to myself for you who doesn't know I have a new account yet. Please please pleeeasee go follow that one!
Thank you.


*fast sketch* DAMN I feel AWESOME! I totally forgot how amazing it feels!
It just makes it a billion times better when I listen to "I'm awesome" by Spose! Love it x)

Keep hope!

|| please do not repost without my permission ||
I'm damn tired of life these days... Maybe it's cause I am on my period? XD I dont think it's something awkward to talk about.
I dunno...
I just wanna sit here. Alone. But I can't because of an annoying teacher who was supposed to HELP me but end up with making everything worse, and if I told her it's because it's enough with an immortal ghost to talk with, she will think I'm insane and call a doctor or some sheit like that. -_-

Keep hope

Doesn't look like a horse -_-
Oh well... Drawn with mouse.
+/- 3 hours
Supposed to be a horse.
Photoshop Elements 11

Hello there!
Some of you may remember the sketch I made a month ago of this horsey? I had some voting going on, and decided to work on it now when it's weekend and I got plenty (hopefully) of time!
So! I will do it digital!
The voting is done and I will make Radioactive (maybe.. if I feel like doing that xD) with colors c: yey.

Keep hope.


I found this on my phone in my notes.
I wrote this myself as lyrics for a song of my own. I remember it. I wrote it why crying when I was home alone as I always am.
I'll just tell you that these words are some I want you to remember.
I want you to trust in yourself. I know. It'a hard, and it's something I'm working on, but do your best.
Promise me that.

Keep hope

I don't usally anter these raffles.. but SERIUSLY! I couldn't just NOT do it this time with senpai! Nonono! #frozens1kraffle

Wow. That took some time xD
This is the done drawing request from @carolinedyrnes! :'D so proud!!! Love her beautiful horse too!! Enjoy!
Have hope.

I probabaly have the worst wolf anatomy ever -_-"

● w i n n e r s ●

So maybe some of you remember the contest I have beem rollin' for 8 long weeks. It's now done c: #newocforpew

Thank you all so much for entering! :D Here are the winners!: 1. @_alyabeth I loved the design of yours!! I'll draw him soon, and make him my new oc together with Radioactive! You win: a follow (if I don't follow you already) a spam of likes and 2 requests! Congrats!

2. @_redheadpegasus I really liked the design and the drawing! Very beautiful!! Thank you for entering! You win a follow (if I don't follow you already) and 1 request! Congrats!

3. The last winner is @artzy_reddeh I liked the colors alot on your entry c: You'll win a follow (if I don't follow you already) and a spam of likes! Congrats!

Have a good day!

I don't know why, but I just love drawing things with war in it. It has lots of expressions in it, poses and it's just very detailed and interesting drawing.
So here you go. Crappy 20 min. sketch while I was listening to "Lil Flip - The way we ball (Crizzly Remix) derp c:

Have a good day!

Molly be like "I'm too fab for u" xD

Please do not steal/claim/edit or repost this picture without my permission. It's of my dog, amd I'm the one who took this.
Thank you for understanding! :D

Have a good day!

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