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Petzl  Access The Inaccessible

@matthiasedelbunt takes skin/hand care to a whole new level.

#petzlprofessional #accesstheinaccessible

My boss wanted to post a climbing picture, but it's spring skiing time

Steep turns by @francoiskern (Petzl Marketing team) captured by (Petzl Technical Content Team)

Check the weather, enjoy the mountains and make good decisions.


The road to recovery is a tough one. Getting back to fit requires dedication and passion. Here we see #PetzlTeam member @melissaleneve getting back to it after a bad finger injury. She's on "El Mon de Sofia" 8b+ in Siurana. Looks like she's nearing the end of the recovery road.

Photo: @fabi_buhl

@jon.walsh moving into the crux of Scar Tissue (WI6, M7+, 150 m) on the first ascent.

Walsh and Niall Hamill named the route after Marc-Andre Leclerc's favorite book, Anthony Kiedis' autobiography, in memory of their friend.

Photo: @timbanfield

Still enough light to climb and the temps are great! #PetzlTeam member @nathaniel.coleman working an unclimbed project in Arizona.

Photo: @neilson.ben

What has five gear loops and loves sandstone?

Meet the totally redesigned ADJAMA harness. Big climbs require big racks and long belays, and the new ADJAMA delivers on both fronts. Comfortable enough for a wall, yet light enough to stay out of the aiders, the ADJAMA features a fifth gear loop, adjustable leg loops, and a new construction for all day comfort. It's also compatible with the CARITOOL EVO for snow covered objectives.

More info in the profile link.


@mattwilliam14 was kind enough to share his office view on #PetzlProfessional.
We're feeling a bit jealous.


We at Petzl are proud to make the life safety equipment that keeps men and women safe in vertical and dark spaces. We take pride in the knowledge that individuals trust our equipment in high-risk environments, whether that environment is subterranean, on a cliff or mountain, over the ocean, on a turbine, on a tower, adventure park, rescue operation, or the many other fields that we work in. The number one priority of the Petzl family and Petzl staff is providing the equipment needed to not only access the inaccessible, but also return.
With all the diverse fields we work in follow #Petzlgram for recreational activities, #PetzlProfessional for industrial or work related uses, and #PetzlNightLife for those who play and work in the dark.
Photo: @Lafouche / Baztan Abentura Park

The view is just a perk.

#PetzlProfessional post from @hann_i after a day of inspections.

Have an uncommon office vista from your rope or lanyard? Tag us on #PetzlProfessional.


There's still snow in the peaks... #Petzlgram of #PetzlTeam member @andresmarin22 casually starting up the Elevator Shaft.

Photo: @extrablue

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day @ashimashiraishi!

A #Petzlgram from #PetzlTeam member @sashadigiulian (belaying) and her belay supervisor for you.


Have pictures from the climbing life? Share them with us on #Petzlgram

Photo: Tommy Joyce @tjtriage

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