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Petra'Areej  The future is female.


Me n Rilakkuma

Soft like satin

No better feeling than when a girl compliments you! Am I right?! Girls can be so mean and destructive when we feel like it's a competition but when we unite and uplift our love can be such a powerful thing

I wore this dress on Sunday but I bought it halfway through the day so did it even count

My favorite person in the entire world! I love my Shampoo


No I didn't wear a bra it was hot ok, anyway trying to get a tan struggling as usual

Imagine if I had a flat stomach

I love you Zuri! Thank you for letting me vent to you and giving me such real advice. I am so grateful to have you in my life I always look at my anklet that you gave me and think of you but seeing you again after almost 3 years reminded me why I can never stop thinking about you! That energy! I'm so happy we had this time to bond every time we talk I learn you are even more amazing.❤️ #zmc #FamilyForever

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