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When we adopted Flora she had some real weight issues! I started her diet around 10 months ago - with her at 5,9kg (13 lb). Today i weighed her again and we finally hit 4 kg (8,8 lb)! So proud of my kitty ❤❤❤❤ cats can do that #transformation too 😁

Look what was in my mailbox today... ❤❤❤❤

Cooling down the city!!!! It stormed really hard for about 10 minutes max - this is the next stormy cloud, I guess!?

Pffffhahaha :D

1 year and 11 days ago Lily survived her fall from our rooftop. With one leg less than normal cats would have and the pessimistic view of our doctor, but she did it! Now she's as healthy as a cat can be and runs around like a 3 year old cat - even though she's already 13 years old.
Look at my fighter. I love her so much ❤

Flora is useless when it comes to playtime.

Lazy Sunday Morning ❤

Kölner Lichter was amazing :)

Every Morning. 😊😣

Good times. Wishing myself back there.

Hehehe! Dankeschön der Eltern meiner Wale :D

This is were I spent the last 5 months. I learned a lot and can say that I had a lot of new experiences that will help me in my teaching career. I'm happy and sad to say good bye to this school for now - maybe I will see it again in my future.

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