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PETER STEWART  ✈️ Nomadic travel photographer in Asia 📍 Currently in Hoi An, Vietnam 🇻🇳 🔻 Check out my website for prints/licensing🔻


Minimalist architecture in the trendy Aoyama district of Tokyo.

#discoverjapan #minimalistdesign #archdaily

'Dawn in Hoi An #4'

First light along the riverbanks of the Old Town in Hoi An, Vietnam🇻🇳 #hoianoldtown #hộian #visitvietnam #travelvietnam

'Dawn in Hoi An #3'

First light along the narrow streets of the Old Town in Hoi An, Vietnam🇻🇳 #hoianoldtown #hộian #visitvietnam #travelvietnam

'Dawn in Hoi An #2'

First light along the narrow streets of the Old Town in Hoi An, Vietnam🇻🇳 #hoianoldtown #hộian #visitvietnam #travelvietnam

'Dawn in Hoi An #1'

First light along the narrow streets of the Old Town in Hoi An, Vietnam🇻🇳
#hoianoldtown #hộian #visitvietnam #travelvietnam

'Run to the Hills'

The rolling karst peaks of Yangshuo County, Southern China 🇨🇳
Pure greenery in every direction to the horizon. I predict this will become one of the hottest travel destinations in years to come.

'Little Boxes'
Resharing one of my classic images from the 'Stacked - Hong Kong' series. The infamous Yick Cheong buildings in Quarry Bay. I first visited this place back in 2011 and it instantly cemented into me a profound fascination for the unique style of architecture employed in the old neighbourhoods of the city.
Since then it has gone on to be featured in numerous films such as Transformers 4 and Ghost in the Shell (both of which I assisted with in location scouting for Paramount) as well as becoming arguably the number one Instagram spot in the entire city.

'The Well'

Cool Interior design of a stairwell inside an apartment complex in Akihabara, Tokyo. 🇯🇵

'On the Shoulders of Giants'

A few weeks ago I posted a night time shot/self proclaimed epic selfie from this vantage point, since then realised I prefer my sunset version. So *technically, this is a re-share, but with slightly better visuals 😁
This was taken at Fei Ngo Shan, aka Kowloon Peak, aka "Suicide Cliff" on one of the many off-trail and precarious viewpoints scattered throughout the Hong Kong hiking trails.

#discoverhongkong #hikinghongkong #kowloonpeak #hkig #hongkongphotography


This is likely about as simple as an image can possibly be. A lone fisherman slowly rows his basket boat along the Thu Bon river towards the fishing grounds where the mouth of the river meets the sea. There he will inspect and prepare his nets for the evenings catch.

Hoi An, Vietnam 🇻🇳


One of my favourite viewpoints overlooking one of Hong Kong's oldest neighbourhoods 'Sham Shui Po', with it's relatively low rise cluster of colourful old buildings, juxtaposed with the high rise skyline of the rest of the rapidly growing city.

#hkiger #discoverhongkong #hongkonginsta

'The Faces of Angkor'

Despite having visited the various sites at Angkor many times through various visits over the years (have made four trips to Cambodia), I could never quite get into the 'zone' when photographing here. It's always eluded me why I've never come away with a great picture. I find Angkor to be a facinating place to explore, as indeed it is vast...but translating that wonder to a still image is quite difficult.
Siem Reap, Cambodia 🇰🇭

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