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Pete Sinjin  Oil painter/visual artist and songwriter based in Brooklyn NY. For inquiries/purchases please DM. Thanks.

An old song of mine to kick things off here... ‘Brand New Year’, from the record Better Angels Radio...May 2019 be faced with “courage and conviction and a prayer that fate is still yours to be written.” As always, Kira assumes the role of the better angel in my life, so it’s natural she was the model for the artwork.
Happy New Year to one and all. Link in bio #petesinjin #betterangelsradio #2019

The Sower (after Millet) 11x14 oil on linen.
A long time ago, many years before I ever had an inkling to paint, I had the image of Millet’s Sower tattooed on my arm. At the time it was in remembrance of a dear friend I’d lost, but as the years went on the tattoo took on more significance.
I never really tried copying someone else’s painting before, and I don’t know why. I mean, when I was first learning the guitar I learned by painstakingly putting the needle down again and again on records, trying to learn the notes, the chords of songs I loved. In doing so I began to absorb, learn from, and discover various lessons in style, composition, and nuance.
So it is with painting. I’m sure an experienced eye might easily see the paintings many flaws and even find it amateurish perhaps, but I wish to convey how much I learned from this journey with Millets painting. I grew as a painter attempting to copy it and I grew as a human by feeling more deeply what Millet was trying to convey.
I wish to say that to me, the paintings meaning is even more resonant with me than ever. The ground underneath the Sowers feet is dark and fallow. So it feels like in these times that for me so often feel full of despair and hopelessness...but witness the Sower bent to his task. His stride is powerful. His eyes, I imagine weary in the shadows, are pointed forward, sure in his direction and dedication. His arms are strong and his hands full of seeds, casting them out and away with dignity and faith...Dignity with the work at hand and faith that his work will bring about growth.
As this weary year and a new one begins with its many challenges ahead, I’d like to wish you all strength, love, dignity, spirit, faith, peace, and the joyful (though sometimes weary) resolution for the work that lies ahead.
Love and friendship to all, Pete #millet #sower #oilpainter #2019 #petesinjinart

Best friends for more years than I can count. Here is my brother, Don Bajema.

The Lake 8x10 oil on panel. Just a quick lil plein air the other day in Prospect Park. #pleinair #pleinairbrooklyn #prospectpark #brooklynart #brooklynartist #petesinjin #petesinjinart #nycart #nycartist

9x12 West Ireland, oil on panel. On a recent trip to Ireland, while walking on rainy Sunday morning through the streets of Kilkenny, I looked into the windows of a closed antique store and a painting caught my eye. A landscape, a farm...distant lake and mountains. West Ireland. It looked a bit like a painting by the Irish artist Paul Henry, but I’m not sure... I loved it and wanted to take it home with me but the shop wouldn’t open till the next morning and I would be here’s my version copied best I could.
If anyone knows the original artist, please let me know...better yet, if you walk by that same shop, pick it up.
#ireland #westirelandart #oilpainting #oilpainter #dailypainter #petesinjin #petesinjinart #irelandart

4th Ave Brooklyn 9x12 oil on wood. This painting and some of my others will be on display this weekend (11/17-18) as I take part in the Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists Open Studios. I’ll be showing my paintings alongside @richgarr at @hootenannybrooklyn (346 15th St.) I’ll be there myself Saturday 12:30-6 so stop by and say hello! I’m excited to show some new work...#parkslope #parkslopebrooklyn #brooklynart #brooklynartist #oilpainter #oilpainting #hootenannybrooklyn #petesinjin

More New Mexico. Ghost Ranch 9x12 oil on panel. This is O’Keeffe territory. #newmexicoart #oilpainting #oilpainter #dailypainting #newmexico #ghostranch #petesinjinart

The results of a recent trip to New Mexico where I happily had a number of opportunities for some plein air painting. I feel like every time I have the privilege of painting in a new place, it takes me some time to begin to internalize and then externalize the new pallet of colors before my a result, none of these lived up to what I’d hoped...but it matters not. The joy to be found in being outdoors interacting with wherever you’re at, is in the long run (I think) more valuable then the painting result. Scroll to the left and see some of these wonderful settings and I can tell you that every one of these has a story, a feel, a scent. One in particular was painted a stones throw from one of Georgia O’keeffe’s residences, and I took the opportunity to attempt a setting she often captured. I kept laughing throughout remembering one of her quotes..”you think that mountain’s easy to paint? Try it...” well, I did. And she was right. #pleinairpainting #pleinair #newmexicoart #landscapepainting #petesinjinart #taosnewmexico #santafenewmexico #taos #santafe #georgiaokeeffe #ghostranch

Goodnight. lil’ tree before bed #petesinjinart #gouache #goodnight

Twilight road to Taos 9x12 oil on panel. Took a roadside moment for a quick plein air before darkness fell across the desert. The colors, the scents, the dry air always stays with me. #pleinairpainting #pleinair #pleinairnewmexico #taos #taosart #dailypainting #oilpainting #oilpaint #pleinairpainter #petesinjinart #newmexico #newmexicoart

9x12 oil on panel...this was a quick little plein air done yesterday after the rain...I went down to Red Hook on a whim to see the water. So quiet and a cool breeze plus a great history conversation with harbor patrol police officer. #pleinairpainting #pleinair #pleinairnyc #dailypainting #oilpainting #oilpainter #redhook #redhookbrooklyn #petesinjinart

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