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#WeAreVenom An editorial:
So the new #VenomMovie trailer dropped. I’m not gonna’ comment on the visuals or the appearance of the symbiote (that’s “sym-BE-oat” in case you were wondering)(and actually I’ve always said “sym-be-it” and I don’t really care if I’ve been wrong all these years)
Anyway - I’m not gonna’ comment on the visuals because I know full well they’re not done yet.
All I’m going to do is reiterate my concerns of how you reconcile a Venom movie without Spider-Man. The alien’s look and it’s base powerset stems from its time with Peter Parker. So basically instead of webs we’ll be shooting - symbiote goo? Ok whatever. Sure.
Look, maybe it CAN work. Maybe we can just overlook one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies in lieu of making an antihero franchise. It’s not like Spidey’s hard-up for awesome villains to put in his sequel.
I’m just apprehensive in regards to how it will sit within the MCU. Because last we heard it was, right? I like Tom Hardy in the role. I’m obviously gonna’ go see it. But I don’t feel excited for it, ya’ know?
I’ll reserve judgement until I walk out of the theater. For now I’ just going to sit back and let #Sony make their bed, and hope to Odin they don’t piss in it.
- @petefrompetesbasement
#Venom #SpiderMan #TomHardy #AlienCostume #Symbiote

First look at #TomHardy as #Venom.

I'm almost afraid to ask yous but -- Thoughts?

Kevin Feige confirms that #JackKirby’s #TheEternals are in the early stages of development for Marvel’s Phase 4.
We reported this back in February, and before that in 2014 when we first heard the rumor!
It’s now making its rounds on the geeksites. Keep it tuned to Pete’s Basement for all the #NewsBeforeItsNews!
According to new reports, #Sersi will be the main character. The hero can manipulate cosmic energy to grant herself virtual immortality, invulnerability, and reshape the molecules of other people or objects.

Hilarious comparison by @collectingcandy
Go give this guy a follow for a trip down the memory lane of candy and sweets!
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A huge thanks to my boy @el_sinestro for sending me this awesome gift package. Got a t-shirt and sticker of his podcast @rawliveunedited and a One:12 Collective Wolverine figure!
Thank you my brother! This is seriously dope AF!
Go check out and check out #RawLiveUnedited and look for an unboxing special on Pete’s Basement Extras real soon!
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Four big bags of clothes ready for donation to St.Mary’s Church Clothing Drive in Brooklyn. All this month Pete’s Basement, in association with @randomactsorg, are encouraging you to get out there and help your fellow humans (and even our four-legged non-human friends!) Head over to and pick up a Pete’s Basement Supports Random Acts of Kindness exclusive t-shirt. 100% of the profits of the sales of this shirt go toward the Random Acts charity.
We’re encouraging you to get out there and do some good. Then, take a picture, post it, and hashtag it #BasementGivesBack, and we’ll share your photo on our social media and on the next episode of The Basement Show!
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Like diving by 0. #TheMindBoggles

#DoctorWho #WeepingAngel #TheSilence
#Art by Alice X Zhang

Hours (and hours, and hours...) of childhood spent on these games.

#FinalFantasyII #LunarTheSilverStar #StreetFighterAlpha3 #MarioKart64

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