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Peter Walters  A lover of life. ॐ Yoga Teacher/Student 🕉 //RETREATS: Calistoga, CA sept 15-17th + Hawaii March 11-16

I love how yoga is expressed in so many ways. ~*~
Each teacher has her own unique perspective or lens through which they see, understand and teach the practice. For some it is a deep dive into anatomy, body mechanics, alignment, and opening up specific parts of the body. For others, the yoga practice is seated meditation, mantra, myth, chanting, ancient texts, philosophy, dancing, prostration, devotion, breath, a prop party, acrobatics and so much more.
And in the same ways that many religions are vastly different in substance, rites and rituals, outfits and texts, are they not all effectively pointing to the same thing?

So in the yoga studio, while our methodology, experience and content may vary tremendously, I THINK, by and large, yoga teachers are trying to help folks see more clearly and find a deeper sense of contentment in their lives. And perhaps that's seeing God, or their relationships and behaviors, or just seeing/touching their toes. The practice asks us to look more closely-- to examine this life, mind, body and soul with a magnifying glass... and perhaps guide us by the hand to help us wake up from an autopilot life.

We are so fortune to have so much wisdom that has been passed down from our ancestors and offered through different and equally accurate renderings of what a yoga practice can be about.
. *SO, what is it about for you? What is the thread that runs through alignment-based Hatha yoga and also mantra, Bhakti and Bikram for example?

Happy Saturday Baby 👶 ~*~

Joining in the @glowyogasf #bakasanachallenge! Jeremy started it up with a tutorial on how to get in to the pose, Nat followed with how to hop from Downward Facing Dog, and here's my follow up! Let's see yours! Happy Friday and an even happier weekend! ❤️🕉😘🍪 @jeremyfalkyoga @natkendallyoga

Y'all! Join me and Lauren Cohen for a weekend of yoga, chanting, meditation, swimming, playing, eating and all sorts of other things! September 15-17th at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, CA! Early bird pricing LIVE! *see link in bio to sign up!!! Tag a friend to room with you! OM

Change, change, change...
It is constant. As soon as we start to hold on to something a bit too tightly, there it goes - poof, gone! And while this can feel frustrating, It is a heathy reminder that life IS change. In fact, change is the only thing that I know for sure. Each moment everything is shifting-- an off handed comment, or a kiss, or a tree falling can shake the (or just our own) world. So instead of fighting this shifting ebb and flow of life, consider allowing it. Trusting in a new experience or leap of faith... even trusting in heartbreak and death. While these are the hardest tests, I believe we always emerge from the darkness stronger and more alive. So, begin again.
So as change comes constantly, own schedule is shifting a little---> *BEGINNING : Fridays 6:15-7:45pm at @yogatreehayes *ENDING: Thursday's 5:20-6:20pm at @glowyogasf *SOON (end of May) : 12-1pm Tuesday's @lovestoryyoga *see you beauties along the path

In order to be content, I only ask for puppies and yoga. It's that simple.
I often think about the keys to happiness -- or better yet, contentment-- in yoga we call this Santosha. Happiness ebbs and flows with the chemical dance throughout our brains. Joy is getting closer to some sort of "ideal" way of being in the world... but even joy has its down days. So contentment is really my marker of the good life.
Can I settle in to what I am doing now? Can I make peace with my past? Can I remain steady even as the world shakes? Can I pause and question before consuming/pushing away/pulling towards? Can I let my bones and muscles and skin settle, like a calm moment after a storm. While I mess up many times each day, I am getting better at settling into my often silly ways, accepting what Is, changing what needs to be changed, and letting the rest move through me like a breath.

Does this post have anything to do with puppies? Heck no. But are you thinking and feeing? I hope.

What allows you to settle? How can you practice contentment in your daily life ? When will you settle -- or when will things be ok enough to quit pushing so hard? .
*THIS FRIDAY - @yogatreehayes 6:15-7:45! Join me for the perfect weekend start!

‘get it together!'

For me this is a familiar, however pestering mind mantra. There is often a thought that I’m not doing enough— that there’s always more to do to become/complete/create more of this or that— to fix or change something-- to become better.

But it’s important not to forget the joy, or better, to remember the inherent sweetness of life along the way. When I get caught in the ‘do better’ mantra, I really know in my heart that I would serve myself better with a ‘you’re doing great!’ mantra.

My practice is always teaching me to accept what has happened, really see what is happening now, and relax about whatever hasn’t happened yet. To treat myself kindly and soften the sometimes sharp self critical edges.

Perhaps we can ‘get it together’ by letting go a little bit. By trusting ourselves, by patting ourselves on the back, just for being alive and sweet I find my true north.

So pull yourself out of these self destructive stories of "not enough," and create a new narrative that honors your experiences-- all that you've done and all that you're doing. Put a fresh face on this experience that begins with a smile. . .
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It's MAY baby, let's MOVE! 🕉💃🕺🏿 Join me on the mat today at 3pm Yoga Tree Castro or 6:15pm at Ocean Yoga (Pacifica). See the whole schedule and retreats at -- join my email list for a special treat!

Shift perspective often. Take a different route home. Shake up your workout routine. Eat a different breakfast. Change your mind. Call an old friend. Make a new one. Paint. Sing. Dance. Cry. Laugh....Sometimes shaking things up is the best way to become re-inspired by life and love. Begin again, baby.
NEW CLASSES! *Thursday 12-1pm @lovestoryyoga (*also Tuesdays starting May 30)
*Friday 6:15-7:45pm @yogatreehayes (starting May 12!)
Find the rest of my schedule at - see you along the path 🕉❤️🙏😘🍪

Big thank you to my new Portland Popup yogi pals for moving with me this morning! Let's do it again very soon! Checkout my audio classes on the @movewith app! Or practice with me in SF! More info at #yoga #portland

Oh Happy Earth Day! May we remember the importance of this land, these trees, these flowers, these animals, these humans. To all those Earthlings out there... I love you

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