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Peter Kaljevic  6x world kickboxing champion, wka USA MT champion, IFC mma champion, word LHW Sun show, sanda, draka, shoot boxing champion kickboxing rec : 140w 37l

Full house my Thursday 730pm class 03/14/2019

Tea time Turkish mountain the best

Fridays 730pm business as usual no brake!

And finally finished my last class with 500 situps Friday 730pm class 03/01/2019 !

My Supermen protein shake is in!!

Saturdays 11 am class east 76st no brake sea of ppls 02 /22/2019

Fridays 7am boxing booth camp some crazy shit a 55ppl churchstreetboxinggym

At my gyms business as usual no brake church street boxing gym NYC 02/07/2019 /Friday night 730 PM!

With Cassie she just likes her applebees restaurant 👍❤

Sundays 130pm class at Mercer st NYC 01/27/2019 !!

Lol f.MTA but at least another cool ferry trip !!

730 pm My Friday class full gym lol where all this ppls comes from lol 01/25/2019

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