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Peter Harper  Music isn’t something you hear, it’s something you eat, drink and sleep. If you do not get that, you do not get music.

What a great night last night at the @noorpasadena!!! 12/20 is the last night of this 5 month residency!
I’ve been running a raffle for each night and the final drawing will be next month. Let’s pack the house and end this year right.

Tonight 11/8 @noorpasadena
Doors at 7:30
Tickets at:

The two most important things you can do today:
1. #vote
2. Buy tickets to Thursday’s show @noorpasadena

November 8th is a big night @noorpasadena. Here are a few of the reasons you won’t want to miss this show:
* I will be playing another brand new track for the first time live. * @tonylunnmusic will be back in the house to perform our new songs, Twilight Time and Carnival Ride, which will be available on our new EP out early 2019
* The great @yogi_esquire will be back to blow our minds on the clarinet. The guy is beyond tallented. * @cougarestrada (formerly of Los Lobos) will he holding down the drums for us in the most special way. * Pops (@ethanplaysthebass)is FINALLY joining us on the upright bass. He’s old, but he knows how to move like jagger. * Tickets are insanely cheap for the quantity of fun you will have.

27.9% APR
This is a piece made by my good friend Thomas @dreadedartist
Buy his work fast whilst you can still afford it. He’s brilliant.

When you speak make sure the words you use are your words so you can take both the credit and the blame.
When you act make sure your action are your actions. Not reactions to someone else's crisis.
If you live by these last two quotes, others may not always understand you, agree with you or respect your decisions. You, however, will always understand, agree with and respect urself.
I’ll be playing @noorpasadena 11/8
You don’t want to miss it.

When the president says, according to the associated press, the attack on a synagogue today “... lays bare the ‘hate in our country’...”
Does he recognize how the kinds of rhetoric at his rallies and in his speeches have fanned the flames of that hate?
More importantly do you recognize it?

Odd but fun day today at Concord Records. My dear friend @cateringbyandrea was catering a thanks giving event and asked if I’d come play a song for people after they ate. I said yes, of course, what an honor to play at Concord. When I got there the first thing I saw was my brother @benharper and @charliemusselwhiteofficial album hanging on the wall. That was cool, so proud of that Grammy winner.
They sent out an email to everyone at the label to ask them to come listen, which I thought was kind, but as soon as the email went out, legal said, because I was not signed by Concord, I couldn’t play in the building.
I suggested we solve that by signing a record deal then and there so everyone could enjoy the show!! But for some reason that didn’t happen?? HOWEVER, a small rogue group of curious music lovers found a quiet room to steal away to so I could play a couple love songs.
I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to those few folks who had the curiosity, the gumption and the all around love of music to find me that space and take the time to listen.

Thank you to Blue Water Music Festival and Rick Conkey for hosting a beautiful evening.
And thank you to Lisa Chandler for this great photo! Steve Cassill and Tania L Cassill amazing to see you two again! Joni Kelly I cant believe you made it out from SB total kismet.

Tonight!! 10/20 Laguna Beach! Doors at 7pm
#lagunabeach #laguna #Peterharper

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