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Not everything always works out, and that's ok. Just keep throwing spaghetti noodles at the ceiling until something sticks, and you'll be ok. You'll be learning and moving forward regardless. Here's a few pieces I started and abandoned in the past couple days, for those asking if that ever happens to me.

Blasting off and away that day we glued our eyes to the windows and kicked back blindly in the lounge sipping tiny amounts of things from small glass pouches sometimes glistening and catching a stray sunray now only half filtered by the dwindling atmosphere usually so heavy on our heavy heads full of questions about what the air could possibly have done with the rest of the sunshine that we so desperately needed and maybe even deserved according to some people who built great vertical ships and offered rides to the brave and rich that hoped they weren't instead foolhardy and bad with money up to a clearer more empty place where none of this pesky impertinent air stuff would bother or crowd them in anymore or steal their rightful bright and shining sunlight blazing out across the universe.

My hair's in a constant state of flux and hard to pin down, but I had to share this incredible portrait made and sent to me by @ggcosplay !

Some more paint squishing experimentation; full video on my YouTube channel :)

Ballpoint pen drawing with a tentacle pen, or... "pentacle" sent to me by @whyd0birds

Glow ink and glass pen zentangling

Lunchtime doodle or; Why Abe Lincoln Grew A Beard

Sup witchoo

What is that? Where did it come from?

Based on true events, they tell me

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