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peterdraws  I like drawing. Find Peter Draws on YouTube and to watch me draw! ⬇️ Grab my new book! ⬇️

Scribbling with some slightly more direct inspiration than usual, an old photo from a 1950s NatGeo

I think I've accomplished what I set out to do I said handing him a capsule of the mindlessly unstable stuff knowing that he wouldn't be afraid to handle it with appropriate roughness when the day came and I went on to say with one arm around his shoulder and my eyes on the ground that I thought we may indeed now be witnesses to the reverberations and cautionary ripples of some new canyonous rift in the way things were and the way they're meant to be and I made eye contact to emphasize the point I knew was lost on him but all the same I left for good that day knowing that whatever happened at least we'd be making a great leap in some direction that wasn't backwards.

Carried away with the eyeliner. Full video on YouTube

It's less a question of will they wear it, and more a question of will they ever take it off.

More watercolor fun with a WEIRD CRAZY BRUSH PEN THING made and sent to me by @claudene777 (thank you!) There'll be close ups of the pen in the video

Any port in a storm

whole roll of the good stuff

Lookin at these demographics WHAT THE HECK YOU GUYS ARE ALL FROM LONDON!?!? Where else? Shout it out 💁‍♂️🌎🌍🌏 Lemme hear ya

"There was an interval of utter insensibility;"

The Thinker

Doodle with a 100% recycled dip pen made from a melted down milk carton and a 2 liter bottle for the nib. Pen made and sent to me by @jonathandoesart1 ! It was an adventure drawing with this thing! Video coming sometime soon!

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