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Pete  Founder of ProjectLALA “A model body - the healthy way” 📚”All Eyes on Me” out soon My kids think I just play all day😂

Given there are literally hundreds of thousands of workout plans available, surely there should be a plan that suits your needs. But unfortunately, because of such a choice it’s difficult to decipher what will work the best🤨 So today I’ve a simple question for you:
What’s the one area of your fitness that you’d like to improve on?

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They say a 6-pack is made in the kitchen - but I think the old Russian Twist does a pretty good job of it too🤔

Pro tip: only start counting when you start to feel the burn🔥🔥🔥

Question: can you get lean abs from doing sit-ups? and if so; what’s your favourite abs exercise☺️

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Just because you’ve been knocked down, or you weren’t chosen for a job, doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of whatever it is that you are seeking.

Did you know @gisele was rejected from 42 (that’s right, FORTY TWO😦) modelling agencies before finally being cast in the Alexander McQueen runway show of ‘98!
Or that @gigihadid was passed over TWICE for the VS Fashion Show🤔before finally being accepted on her third attempt.❌❌✅ Do you think if these people would have accepted rejection that they would have had the career they’ve had?

Just because you haven’t been accepted for a job, or been selected by your preferred agency, doesn’t mean you are not going to do something absolutely amazing with your life🙅‍♂️ One other way I like to look at failure is as an exciting opportunity. Because with failure comes learning, and with learning comes personal growth. You should get excited about failure, because believe it or not, all successful people fail loads! They just have the fore-site to know that it’s not defeat. And that for every time they fail, they are one step closer to making that huge success.

I heard it once said that a person with a strong will - working diligently toward a specific goal - will outperform a person of natural ability, time and time again.
NEVER CONFUSE A SINGLE FAILURE WITH A FINAL DEFEAT #petercobby #failureisnotfinal #failureisnotanoption #strongwilled #believeinsomething #believeinyourself #aimforthestars #failureleadstosuccess

Learning to be specific and slow down with exercises was the biggest change to my training career. Running, jumping and other what I call “BIG” exercises are great for overall conditioning but they can’t lean out those areas which are most troublesome.
Playing around with this exercise has given best results for toning the inner thigh and supporting the knee for when jumping IS required.
Add it to the start of your abs routine cause it’s a killer oblique burn too👍 #petercobby #modelworkout #tonedbody #superslowmotion #longandlean #strongcore #corework
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We all have self-doubt🤝it’s what you chose to do with it that will make all the difference in your life.
Negative self-talk on the other hand has never led to anything good in your life.
I’m not fast enough, I’m not thin enough, I’m not smart enough - enough for what?! An amazing trick I learned some time back that I still use to this day is to add “yet” to the end of these sentences.
Whenever I hear myself question my abilities I simply pause and say “YET”
I don’t know enough...yet.
I can’t reach that...yet.
I’m not fast enough...yet.
This puts you in a state of learning. And in a learning state you have an “open to change” and GROWTH mentality.
In this exact moment, believe you are perfect just the way you are. But that with this perception you realise you can always grow. What other option is there? If you don’t believe it, no one else will. #petercobby #mondayinspiration #startyourdayright #believeinyourdreams #quotestoinspire #inspireme #staypositive #staypowerful

As we get closer and closer to Xmas, I get asked a lot if you should be training more and avoid eating with family during the festive season⛄️
NO is generally my answer🙅‍♂️ If you are lucky enough to be spending Christmas holidays with family and friends, then it’s my position that you should be enjoying their company and being involved in the festivities.
One or two OFF days where you can enjoy the happiness (and family squabbles😂) of spending some relaxed time will do more for your overall health than a whole year of intense focus. Enjoy this time of year with those around you and NEVER beat yourself up for eating something “not on the plan”. If you want to workout, enjoy it. And if you feel like an extra serving of turkey, then Bon appetite😘 We’ll work it off in Jan😂

What’s your favourite Xmas Holiday destination? Mine is in my brothers backyard in Aus beside the pool🕺 #petercobby #festiveseason #keepitreal #christmastime🎄 #tonedbody #cheatmeals #mincepies #arethebest

TAG your bestie and get this Leg & abs workout done ASAP!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Fabulously Demo’d by @hermionebaulf & @hannah_grinham 😂😂

3 rounds
1 minute of each move (each side)
30 crunches each at the end
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Here’s a quick little arm and core routine to finish off your next workout. Save this to your “killer burn” workouts😉
Do 3 rounds of 30 secs each. No rest (Perform the floor ones from the knees if just beginning)
🌟🌟Pulsing in the hang and the press for short bursts of extra toning.🔥🔥🔥 #petercobby #fitnesslondon #sweatsession #fitnesstime #healthybodyhealthymind #personaltrainerlife #onlinepersonaltrainer #gottabedone
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Why is it we always look to something in the future to find our happiness?
“If I get to this weight I’ll be happy”
“When my hips are this size I’ll be happy”
“When my arms are lean I’ll definitely be happy”
We are capable of finding happiness at any given moment. Stop waiting for the future, it never comes. Start focusing on the things that make you happy now and forget about the things that don’t.
Stack the good and erase the bad.
Fab slide demo with the talented @joannakuchta 🦄
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Hit “save” on this one team and do it tomorrow morning👌
4 moves - one ridiculously fun workout
Thanks @molliezig for the killer demo💃🏼

Do 4 rounds of the following. Build and add on from each previous exercise.
Rest 2 mins once finished all 4 then repeat 3 more times.

1-box jumps 20s
2-above plus burpee 30s
3-above 1&2 plus lineman starjump 45s
4-above 1&2&3 plus split lunge 60s
Tag your workout buddy and see who can last the longest🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
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Not sure who’s enjoying this more😂Hope you guys are having an awesome week! #petercobby #theygrowuptoofast

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?🔮

Gotta love a leg workout😜 Hit “Save” and get this one done! Complete for 3 rounds as a circuit - no rest.
1. Sprinter lunge x 20 each leg
2. Standing kicks x 20 (small pause)
3. Hip drive walks x 10 each leg
Repeat x 3
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