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Peter Beitia, B.S/LMT/CSCS/CPT  My Life Be Like Ooh Aah😎🎶 #SockEnthusiast | #FitnessLover | #Foodie | #FriendsAndFamily Fitness Coach @TrainAdapt Muscular Therapist @ChainworkPhysio

Some things will matter, others will not. Growing older means whatever you want it to mean, staying young means the same. Ignorance is inexcusable, bad days are highly likely and acceptable. Who you were then, you may not be now. Parts of you will never change, parts of you may find that to be untrue. That’s ok too. Nothing is forever, and forever is what we got. I spilled coffee on my shirt, but it’s been cropped so you cannot see it, for that is the way of the internet.

Cheers to this beautiful woman on another year around the sun! 🎂🥂🎉

Control what you can control - particularly surrounding yourself with like-minded or individuals that challenge oneself to be better.

We’re all at different levels/stages of our training, of our development as human beings and of our lives. But one thing is for certain, those I choose and surround myself with, have a hard working ethic and are relentless in their EFFORT.

I value them and their greatness. And this in turn makes me want to be GREAT.

I used to work, now I do what I love. Run with your passion, never letting fear dictate the terms. It’s your choice. What will you do.

My life isn’t any harder than yours. Or any easier. I struggle just as much as you do. I wrestle with my mortality and purpose, much like I’m sure you do too. My life isn’t perfect but everyday I’m trying to make the best of it. Hope you do as well.

ADAPT x Chainwork Physio = GREATNESS

On this day last year, I said ‘see you later’ to my boy Betho. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do and not a single day goes by that I don’t miss him. The loyalty and unconditional love he and other furry little animals provide is truly astonishing. I’m thankful for all the loving memories he gave me and my family. Cheers to you B, hope doggy heaven is full of unlimited bacon-bit snacks, cheerios, tennis balls, and bitches (go get em boy!) 😎😂😘 #RIP #Beethoven #ItsNotGoodbye #ItsSeeYouLater #Schnauzer


It’s easy to misunderstand what happens on the coaching side of things, in essence what makes a coach tick; what makes a coach a coach. Can anyone do it? Possibly. Can anyone be good at it? Definitely not. The coaching side of things requires more self knowledge than some individuals are ready to face, a very stoic approach of you would say. It’s not all about movements and cues. No amount of understanding the logistics of it all will necessarily equate to good coaching. You can look good on paper, all the right attributes, but still fail to put it all together in the arena of it. Coaching involves more than the movements, it’s a way of connecting with individuals on a human level. The intangibles. The unknowables. The ability to soften and mold steel. To scale Mt. Everest. To guide them through the pits of hell, and no, not everyone can do this well. This is what is what I embrace a coach as a leader.

PSA- Reminder to self as well as others to be intensely, unapologetically me.

Be and do as you please. Don’t be afraid to stand out. To be bold, an outlier. And always strive for greatness.

I’m all about showing up authentically, and if that means telling people to go fuck themselves, then I’m alright with that.

If all your hard work isn’t paying off, maybe you’re receiving payment in the wrong currency. Reflect upon this. I work hard to be happier and healthier. To ease the mind, allow myself to grow, learn and make mistakes as well. Adapt and evolve. I work hard so that I can enjoy my life. Being muscular, well that’s just a plus.

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