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Peter  My Life Be Like Ooh Aah😎🎶 #SockEnthusiast | #Fitness | #Food | #FriendsAndFamily Founder of @PBTheraAndWell Group Fitness Coach/CPT/LMT @TrainAdapt

WE MADE IT 365/365!!! My Sock Challenge is Complete...365 Days of Socks!

Day by day, one picture, one post, one sock at a time. I want to give a special thanks to everyone that has supported my challenge. Thank you to my friends and family, especially my mother @atorresrealtor1 , that have put up with my absurd sock frenzy. Thank you to all the badass sock companies that have sent over their amazing socks, all with different styles but pure greatness nonetheless: @oddsoxofficial @happysocks @functionsocks @theschoolofsock @shopfunkysocks @hotsoxco @featsocks @cockysocks @planetsox
There’s just so many to tag so if I didn’t get mentioned, just know...I appreciate all of ya’s!!!!

I’ve learned so much through this experience. I’ve learned immensely about the sock game industry (you’d be surprised how intricate it is, from the different companies, styles, fabrics, and the logistics of it all), photography and editing, and a few of the nuances of social media. I’ve met some incredible people from a very tight knit sock aficionado community and I am truly blessed of their reception (you guys know who you are). I’m no professional by any form but I can say my sock game has leveled up ten folds since the beginning of this journey, and will continue to learn and keep stylin’ on em!!! I will continue being a sock enthusiast and continue sockBlogging, but now I get to be more concise with the socks I like and rock the brands that hone in on my styles. My feet are very excited for what’s in store in the near SockGame Future! If there’s one take away from this challenge is that life is better with #NoPlainWhiteSocks

Stay tuned guys and gals for special announcement in regards to what I’m doing with all my socks!!!

On a personal note: 2017, you’ve been a roller coaster ride, many up’s and down’s. Plenty of progress and growth. I’m excited for what’s to come in this new year and ready to tackle all the challenges that will present themselves. Excited about all I have accomplished but at the same more hungry than ever to keep climbing and leave my mark on this Earth. Bring it 2018!

Hello 26🎂🎁🎉🎈🤩!!! 364/365

Very appreciative of everything that this past year has brought me and all that I have experienced/learned up to this point. From the laughter to the tears and everything else in between. Thank you to my family. Thank you to my friends, both the ones I’ve met and the ones out there in this crazy world of social media that I haven’t. I’m sure our paths will cross one day and we’ll tip a glass of beer or down a shot of tequila haha. You have all touched me and helped create this mess of a man that I’ve become. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me. As long as I have you caring people by my side, I know I WILL TRULY BE GREAT.

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Socks: @functionsocks

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

#365Socks #Socks #SocksFetish #SockCrazed #SocksGame #SockSwag #SockStyle #SockSelfie #Sock #SocksforaCause #SocksoftheDay #SockSwag #SockGame #SockHead #RespectTheSocks365 #SocksOnLock365 #MakeSocksGreatAgain #ArtOfASockGame #DHLawrence #QuoteOfTheDay✏️

Socks: @yngandreckless

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