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Allah kimsenin ağlayarak kaybettiğini kimseye gülerek kazandırmıyor.. Hepsinin sonunda varacağınız son bu olacak.. "Ah" var😉


Bir karışık haller🤗😝

Bi gün yine kucak çocuğuyla 😂🐥

Kendi ayağına basması 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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🤩MORE FLASH BACK FRIDAY🤩Marley never really understood that Lucky 🐶 wasn’t her mama. WATCH TO THE VERY END....SO CUTE 💛💛💛 baby Mar to Preteen Mar 💛

Hikayede yok olup gitmesine gönlüm el vermedi 🤗😍 @sinan_tuzcu1 #ankarakitapfuari #ankarakitapfuarı #böcek @inkilapkitabevi #sinantuzcu

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The first time I posted this video was back on 2015 and still my favorite video of animals showing emotions. Care to guess what the world’s most abused animal is?
In terms of sheer numbers and the routine suffering inflicted on them, it’s got to be the chicken.
50 billion chickens are raised for meat every year, with around 5 billion more kept for egg production. The vast majority of them are raised and kept indoors in industrial farming systems.

These chickens never see the outdoors, and spend their short lives in large sheds where each chicken commands less than a square foot of floor space. When they reach the right size, they are hoovered into crates (yes, hoovered, and this is actually better than the old way of catching them by hand) and transported to the abattoir.

I’ll spare you the details of how chickens are killed. Suffice to say that guidelines that cover the humane slaughter of animals are harder to apply to birds, and in many parts of the world there are no rules that prevent them going through the process fully conscious.

Birds exploited for their eggs—called “laying hens” by the egg industry—are crammed together in wire battery cages that rub off their feathers, chafe their skin, and cripple their feet. Like chickens raised for meat, hens on egg farms are typically denied access to sunlight, fresh air, and anything else that they would enjoy in nature.
Because male chicks can’t lay eggs and are not bred to produce the excessive flesh desired by the meat industry, the tiny birds are discarded and killed soon after hatching—usually by being burned to death, gassed, or ground up alive. Please be kind, keep animals off your plates.
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Hmm #tbt 😎 kim demiş özlemedim 🙄

Yani benim için yapmış 😂
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Özleyenlere, iç çekenlere, sevip de kavuşamayanlara bir doz İstanbul 💙
Arkadaşlarınızı fişşekleyin🤣💙

Zamanı gelse ya artık 🙏 🕡🛫
#kadıköy 💕


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