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Ellie Beck |CreativeSlowLiving  mothering + creative making textile artist slow simple living rainforest home, Aust 🌿🌸🌏 💕Creative ecourse, w'shops + collabs [email protected]

: today I recorded a conversation with myself about the art of craft & other stuff on my mind. I wonder if I'll be a) brave enough to share it with you; b) able to work out how to share it with you! •
I'm having a play with @instagram's new feature - swipe to the side to see a slideshow/carousel of pictures. What do you think about this new feature? Will it just mean more & more for us to look at, or will it be a way to see a little bit more, explore a big deeper. Like a blog post perhaps (though truthfully I miss real blogging!)? •
This is my current Slow Stitching project that I am seriously in love with. I can't wait to share this as part of my #TheCreativeYear project, and also reveal what I dyed it with.

and my sweet little boy - he's been needing extra milk & cuddles since I came home from Melbourne. He managed 3 nights with no breastmilk, but straight back into loving it all up as soon as I got home!

Wednesday- nothing more or less. Just this. Conversations with my dad today, reminding me to just make my art. To give myself the right space and just keep at it.

On Wednesdays we nibble sweet carrots 🥕 & kale leaves 🍃 fresh from the farmers market (before we even get our basket of goodies away). And we talk about making our own garden for leafy greens, but feel pretty happy having our local farmers as well.

In the midst of movement & chaos, keep stillness inside you. ~ Deepak Chopra

I don't talk often about the dramas of our daily family life / children; but we've been having troubles & melodrama & issues & behavioural difficulties...... trying trying trying to breathe through it all, to not hold it in my body (mostly it seems to end up as a knotted ball in the pit of my stomach). I keep telling myself it's all lessons for me to keep learning; how can I create change in my reactions. This is all I can do. While I can gently guide someone else, I can't force them to change - all I can change is my response, reaction, action...

Happy Wednesday dear Insta-Family. Thanks for being here and being inspiring and supportive & connecting /connective /connected. 💕

GIVEAWAY :: wanna come learn how to make colour using flowers & plants? We're giving away a spot in my Botanical & Natural Dye workshop for this Sunday at @hinterlandclunes.
You'll learn how to make a rainbow of colour using locally gathered foliage, petals & more; including blue from indigo.
To enter simple follow @hinterlandclunes & @petalplum, and @ tag a friend who you think would love petal-play! * worth $169 for workshop held this Sunday 26th at Clunes, NSW. We'll announce the winner on Thursday! (Giveaway not in conjunction with or endorsed by Instagram or Facebook). ••••••
If you want to secure a spot, there are only 2 places left - bookings available via @hinterlandclunes

Finding the beauty in the quiet :: This sweet little bundle of colour was from yesterday's dye class. The subtle is equally as beautiful as the obvious in natural dye, as in life.
Sometimes the subtle is too quiet to see, but if you stop and listen / open / really look, you'll find it. When you do you'll smile - and the goodness of it is, you don't have to share it with anyone. It's your own quiet little joy. And then sometimes you look up and catch the eyes of someone else having their own quiet little joy moment.
Hey - life's pretty sweet and joyfilled ain't it! Just be open to it all. Slow down a little on what may be the start to another busy week....take one thing off your list and spend 10 minutes today (each day) just seeking the quiet moments. I promise you'll thank me for it.
xo Ellie

What a FUN but big weekend at my workshops. Golly I love making colour with plants & flowers, and chatting with interesting people who also love things that I love. THANK YOU EVERYONE who came along to learn the witchy magic, science & art of Botanical dyeing. And thank you @home_work_ for hosting me in your light-filled space.

I feel so lucky to be able to do this as my job, to play with fabric & flowers & the magic of making, to connect with other souls who have a yearning to create & learn & discover, to converse about our own versions of making, about ideas and sharing. •
But now I'm ready for a lovely big sleep........
ps --- let me know your best Melbourne coffee suggestions (near Brunswick), because truth-be-told the ones I've had so far haven't overwhelmed me too much ...and I'm ready to go home for my husband's stove top espresso!
(pps - I'm missing my family too, not just the coffee 😜, thank goodness for technology that allows me to 'see' them everyday through these little machines.)

Look at these DIVINE blooms from @ceciliafox - woah. My 😍😍😍 are popping out of my head. And this indigo drop sheet from @home_work_ Pretty much my best colours there BOOOOM ❤️💙. >>> If you're coming to my Natural & Botanical dye workshop this weekend, make sure you bring your camera because we have to have a mini floral photoshoot.
{ps - there are still 2 spots left for Sunday if you wanna come along and make colour out of plants & flowers.}

GIVEAWAY :: I've got 2 tickets to giveaway for 'Life Design for Creatives' workshop with inspiring and courageous @ofkin, this Saturday in Sydney. I was lucky enough to connect with Kylie last year, on a business level, and still today her words talk to me and remind me of my creative choices, and how to focus my direction. She's a wise woman, and I wish I could go along to this workshop ::: >
• "In the midst of our daily busyness, how do we ensure that we’re working on the right work, awake to the choices we make every day, and thriving as a creative, loving and compassionate human being in all aspects of our lives? This session is for people struggling to ‘do it all’ in the age of distraction and limitless opportunity. Packed with tools, insights and strategies, we take a look at how we can design a life on purpose, rather than live by default."

To enter just comment below, and tag a friend who you think would love to come along too and have more "ah-ha" moments than you thought possible, while also nourishing the soul-side of your business.

LIFE DESIGN FOR CREATIVES with @ofkin at @life_instyle Sydney
Saturday 18 February 2017
11.00am – 12.00pm
Royal Hall of Industries & Horden Pavilion
1 Drive Ave, Moore Park, NSW
Tickets: $30.00

"I am an artist. I look at the light, shapes and colors that surround me and use them to inform my work. I can't impress with the Latin names of cacti or fascinate you with the facts about how the land was formed, but I know what I see. It's captivating and a little magical."
~ Tawney Weir @littletorodesigns

I screen snapped these words a year or so ago, and they make sense, talk true about how I feel. Basically it doesn't matter what I know, it matters what I see. •
This year I am learning, ever so slowly, to call myself 'artist' - but I know with that I want to develop what it means to me, how it relates to me, what I can bring to the idea of it. A word is just a word for sure, and ultimately doesn't mean anything so much; but sometimes words hold a power and giving ourselves that power is strength. Artist, photographer, stylist ..:.just words.

Also - zinnias and morning sunshine and fabric and vessels that give me joy.

The real & meaningful work is an ever -evolving combination collaboration of deep honest true mothering + deep honest raw self-nurturing / exploring / developing....

It grows, changes, morphs, expands as much as I allow my heart & head to let it. In other words > going courageously forward & onward & outward & onward is how I find my journey best nourishes and personally rewards me.

And rewards I just simply mean that warmth in my stomach of goodness, rightness, soulness listening, questing, exploring. Of instinct being honoured, of ignoring negative influences, and doing away with angst of trying to keep up or to be something other than I am.
Who I am, where I am, how I am! Why would I want to be someone else?! •

Sometimes the discards hold a beauty that cannot be made or replicated - this is my dyeing cloth, that I use to strain the dye materials. Colours, hues, tones all built up, mixed together on cotton muslin, which in itself is a fabric I love to work with.

I keep trying to decide if I should make something with this cloth, or keep using it, adding to it. Like a well worn paint rag. What do you think?

There are only 3 spots left for my Natural & Botanical Dye class this coming Sunday in Melbourne. Saturday is sold out!
As well as making colour from the local🌿🍃🍁🌸🥀🌺🥑🍓 plants, flowers & kitchen scraps we'll make blue 💙 with a natural indigo vat. So - if you're coming along, make sure you bring all the white things to turn all the 🌈colours.
Book your spot via @home_work_

{Tag a friend who might want to come, sometimes the algorithm means we miss seeing the posts we really wanted to see until it's too late}