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Making a flower crown for me to wear. Because it's Friday & why not! And the sun was shining and Autumn feels good right now.
Things that didn't get photographed : the toddler carrying the compost bucket with me every day, 1.5 blog posts written (one published - you can read it now), bread baked & half eaten already, listening to @me_and_orla's podcast (which is full of lots of good & interesting things, without being full of useless chatter that I find many podcasts seem to have >> my toddler gives me enough chatter to keep my mind full 😳), reading @grownandgathered's book that I bought myself for my birthday.
What happened today that you didn't photograph? Oftentimes there's more goodness & realness in those moments that the captured snaps, don't you think?

Makings & pieces today : leaf prints on paper.
Filming for my 'The Creative Year' & wishing that the natural dye process wasn't so slow because I'm impatiently wanting to peek at the results from today's bundles in my dye pot.
Which yes, is ironic when I talk about slow living all the time.
Can I slowly be impatient do you think ?? πŸ˜‚

I think Winter might finally be on her way....I got this out from the wip pile, and plan on snuggling beside the fire tonight. Hopefully I'll get it finished this year (it's only been 3 years in the making, and my son is eagerly awaiting it).
Have you finished anything from your wip (work in progress) pile lately?
Also :: thank you ALL so much for your beautiful birthday wishes on Tuesday. I'm trying to reply to you all, but can't crochet & Insta at the same time.

Today is my birthday πŸŽ‰ it's also my husband's birthday. (Funny thing > my two sons share a birthday too, 10 years age gap between them, so my daughter is the 'odd one out'). We always have 2 cakes (minimum) because any excuse for cake!
I'm 39, which means 1 year before 40 and it's 'all downhill' or 'life begins'...... I suppose it depends who you talk to, your attitude or day of the week it is πŸ˜‚. Things to do before 40 - much of the same I think..... sitting at my weaving loom, continuing to develop my craft & art practice, ongoing simplify & slow our home little by little, hug my babies, laugh & cry. And forgive and move on. And dance more too....... And continue to love my husband.
πŸ“· by my son @a.discovered

As a parent, do you often look at your kids and wonder how they are so beautiful, amazing, intelligent, knowing? How you know them so well, but also know nothing about them..... I don't usually post 2 in a row, but this photo is just too too deliciously beautiful to hide in my camera roll.
I'm actually in awe of my children most days > their beauty, wisdom, ways of forgiving, of asking what they want (always hugs), of being openly unapologetically angry or sad or happy, of being their self so well.

Oh Autumn you really are delicious this year..... I truly do love each season as it happens, loving the golden-orange-yellow-reds of Autumn as much as the misty-foggy of Winter and the pinks-red of Spring's blossom and the long colourful skies of Summer. What's your favourite season? Or are you a in the moment person?
Thanks so much for all your sweet messages on my little home yesterday. This is the giant persimmon tree in our garden.

We brought some Autumn inside. No blossoms, but these beautiful persimmon leaves, in a pot I hand built way back in high school (and burnished over many many many hours using the back of a spoon & conversations with my best friend while we both worked on our pots together).
A full & beauty-filled weekend, with the bonus of a tidy house & some freshly sewn cushions using fabrics from my stash (until my sewing machine broke!). #petalplumhome

I hope your Sunday was lovely & full of good things. Are you ready for an inspiring new week or holding on tightly to the weekend?

It's been 6 days since my last post - which is the longest I've ever not posted. I've been feeling a disconnect from this space, and also a feeling that these little squares just aren't big enough to convey everything - life is so much bigger and sometimes it's hard to work out which bits to share and how to squash it into one concise caption, combined with one picture that the algorithm might deem 'good enough' to show to you........
Things :::: lunch on Mother's Day Sunday with my dear friend & her beautiful family. Watching little plants grow (slowly) in our vege garden. Tidying up our home & land for a birthday party this weekend. Making special things for my next #TheCreativeYear project. Lunch & an art gallery visit & tea & hours of insightful interesting conversation with @thecraftsessions - I've never had a blind date, but I've had quite a few blind Insta-friend-dates that always turn out very remarkably beautiful.
And mama-ing which is always full & good & grounding & lesson-learning!
Happy Wednesday Friends xx

Basket weaving & raffia & natural dye & Slow creating ... all goodly wonderful things. Raffia stuck & caught & tangled everywhere not such a good thing! My kids & husband are sick of tripping over piles of raffia or finding strands in bed trying to choke them, the toddler has surely swallowed some!
I've written a mini tutorial on my blog about how I store & wrangle my raffia for basket weaving and in preparing for natural dyeing. While I was at it I also asked lovely Cass from @string_harvest all about raffia (where it comes from, what it is, etc)... AND I share a how-to dye raffia using kitchen & pantry supplies.
It's actually spread across 2 blog posts because I had so much to say about raffia. You can read them on my blog now if you're a raffia lover, but your family is over the raffia mess! {link in profile}

It's rainy & grey & cold here today. Dark by 5pm. I had a proper midday sleep & woke groggy and fuzzy-headed. The fire is on for the first night this season, dinner is in the oven (a baked vege layer dish with left-over rice as the base - it gets all nice and crispy like a pie crust).
I'm ready for a cup of tea & sitting on the couch with my Slow Stitch.
I didn't get much work done today but it's vital to listen to our bodies and take slower days when we need. I also baked a delicious afternoon tea treat so that was good.

Finished this piece today - it's part of a series I'm working on called 'conversations with motherhood'. Since coming back to my loom after an absence due to small child I've found a new way of working and there's lots of conversations happening in my head. Internal dialogue expressed through these threads. You can see details in my stories.
& these pretty roses that were gifted left overs from the weekends' workshop.

My hands are still blue after teaching yesterday's workshop, & the indigo vat that was deliciously deep & intoxicating.
I've got quite a bit on at the moment, and walking that fine line of balance between motherhood & art & also running a creative business (which crosses over with my arts practice but is also separate & different).
I read recently that professionals & practicing artists / creatives keep showing up even if the muse isn't there, because the work just has to get done. Pushing through the slump, the down, the slug & hoping the muse comes but knowing often it's just the sheer dedication & constant practice that brings the muse, or at the very least makes it happen.
I'm sure you've heard of writers who write 1000 words a day regardless of if they want to / feel like it or not. Just sit there and make the words happen.
Anyway - I feel like that some days. Sitting at my weaving loom or my dye pots or my writing or my photography and just pushing through, finding inspiration at the work. Calling the muse, but working even if she doesn't arrive.
And it feels good to be working this way.

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