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You know those times when you realise you've been holding your breath and you have to remind yourself to 'breathe in breathe out'. Do that now.

Life's been big and full of lots of general and crazy and busy and hard life-things. I get the feeling everyone's a bit like this at the moment.....
The woman at my regular farmers market stall today looked at me with big eyes and we both sighed knowing what the other meant. My friend just told me she got 2 speeding fines this month, when she never ever ever gets speeding fines. Our house has been a giant mess for weeks and I'm behind on so much work. And the kid-family-parenting dramas seem to be bigger ever day........

But taking those moments to seek the small beauty, to appreciate the special things even if they may be hard to find and ever so quietly waiting for you. These are ways to keep a little bit of sanity amongst the crazy of the world.

Love is love - simple as that! No need to define who we are or who we love. The world needs more and more simple pure love. Not division or people choosing for other people who they get to love or marry.
Are you enrolled to vote!!! Make sure you're enrolled - vote love ❤️🌈

Beautiful pic by @lily_miranda10 and @lalalandshop

Me at clay school @byronschoolofclay where I've been going once a week this term, with my sister.
It's good to be a student again - to feel that 'embrace the wonkiness' and overcome mistakes thing. Clay work, throwing on the wheel throws away all the beautiful shapes and ideas I had in my head; all the things I was going to make.
Instead I'm learning to centre - centre the clay, centre myself. And see what evolves.

I highly recommend these classes, Todd is an excellent teacher - observant, generous, understanding, patient.

Strange angle, strange photo of me but I'm sharing it here because who doesn't love to see some cleavage and clay in one photo 😂😳 . Thanks @wildearthyogi for climbing chairs and taking the photo

So I'm finally going to teach myself to knit. FINALLY!! I was going to wait until I was a granny or something, but @woolandthegang sent me this super cool knitting kit to make my own cardigan using recycled denim cotton fabric. And I just HAVE to make it.

Any hints or tips or help for a beginner knitter. Which is the best way to learn, what technique should I try? English or Continental? I've got a couple of simple books, and I'm hoping I'll pick it up quickly (I did knit, sorta, when I was a kid).... but any knittery help please?!

{Also > blue velvet cushion love..... I want a whole couch of the perfect blue velvet. Just putting it out there in the Universe.}

Just for true Insta honesty.... I took this pic yesterday, because today I was on the phone for hours searching for aged care providers and info and fees for my Grandma. And it's the most confusing system ever!!! Crazy indeed. I feel for the people who don't have any family to help them navigate a hard time in their life......

Sunday-ing : fresh sheets on the bed & flowers in our bedroom (ignore the rest of the mess!).
We told the kids we were planning on going away for a night for our upcoming wedding anniversary and they got mad at us! Oh golly, what entitled little children we're raising..... helllllllpppppppp!!!!! •
Curious > do you go away without your kids? How do they react? Am I a mean parent for wanting a night of adult conversation and not being interrupted by kids!! (I know I'm not....and I'm pretty sure my kids know it too).

Tidying corners of my studio and finding unfinished pieces. Inspired to get back to these and get them done (and out of the studio!).

It's 3pm : do I put the kettle on and sit in the last of today's sunshine, and stitch stitch stitch? Or do I keep on tidying the studio to get through the mess? ...... hard decision. Toddler is asleep, kids are contentedly playing, tea sounds nice! •
If you want to make your own, I have an online workshop that teaches raffia basket making & natural dye - check out my online school via my profile.

"Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it." ~ Mary Oliver

{did you see my previous post... or has Instagram changed the 'rules' all over again}

Lately I've been working with fabric & paint, and working on ideas, explorations, experiments for a new collection that is slowly coming to fruition.......
But most importantly I've been working on making mistakes, on pushing through the fear of not being enough, of not being "a proper artist" and all that silly chatter that we tell ourselves. Of just doing, just being, not over-thinking or constantly editing my ideas.
I've been working mentally as well as practically (& emotionally) on ways to spark new ideas, and ways to ignore the societal pressures of defining myself. •
Part of this is my own creative journey. Part of this is an outcome of sharing ideas, thoughts, concepts, possibilities with other creatives.
Part of this is working towards giving back in a way > finding ways to share with you to help you unlock the possibilities that we each all hold.

I am co-teaching a workshop, with @jo.olive.artist , that will be about some of these concepts and about a whole lot more. It's sorta hard to put into a small square everything this 2-day workshop will give.
We'll be doing Botanical Dyeing, Book Binding, Fabric Painting, Instinctual Mark-Making.... like poetry on paper & fabric. •
Early bird tickets end tonight for this workshop that will be held at Jo's beautiful studio. You can read about it on my blog, link in profile. (There's only a couple of tickets left for this special special workshop).

When I run after what I think I want,
my days are a furnace of stress & anxiety;
If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain.
From this I understand, what I want also wants me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it. ~ wise wise Rumi.

Also, the quieter I am the more quiet I become the more quiet I need in order to continue to be. {Ellie}

I want to be sharing here in this space with you, but I also want to just be doing the things I'm doing and not have to think about photographing & sharing. I'm sure many of you might make sense of this.
My regular everyday is so boring, mundane, exceedingly far too beautiful to be distilled in an Instagram square. To even be captured in its true essence in a photograph. Instead I'm holding things in my heart.

Slow days continue to evolve into slow life. And contentedness is joyfulness, but quiet & not so easily 'shared'. Those simple joys that mean nothing to someone else, but burst inside of me.

I will have things to share soon......for now I'm deep in parenting & pondering & self-thinking & idea-ing & noticing & slowing...... •
Rumi quote found via @pinesugar who shares much Beautiful in her own words too, so please go have a visit & a read.

and yes, I did that old trick of turning the reflection photo upside down.... there's quotes on wisdom in that too for sure if you ponder enough.

Sunday morning.......
Finding that quiet space inside my mind & soul separate from family noise, noticing small details, turning my face up to the morning sunshine - I call it sun-soaking and find it grounds me and brings me back to myself.
Wishing you a beauty-filled day whatever you're doing.

Also, make sure you're signed up to my newsletter because I'm talking about a special magical thing in today's Creative Love Letter and I hope you can join in.

Yay it's the weekend and we're ready to do what we want - be whimsical, play dress ups, create mess, explore our imaginations ..... first I have to tidy up my studio, but then we can make all the (floral, mossy, pretty) messes we like! •
Had to share this shot from the dress play last week with my girl. I like the bright back lighting (thanks sunshine for coming out at the perfect time to create that halo glow, shinning through the frosty glass in our windows). You can see a darker background shot if you scroll back a couple of posts. I'm curious which one you like best?

When you put stuff out 'there' and you love it so much it doesn't matter what other people say, think, feel, react. It doesn't matter if Instagram doesn't deem it 'good enough' to show off to the people who possibly would like it if they got to see it.
Yeah that good feeling. Where you do stuff just for you and you know that ultimately the 'right' people will find you when they need to - even if it takes them longer and the route is a bit round about and such.
Do you get what I mean?

Do it cause you love it! Not because of the reaction / response you'll receive. Cause we all know you can't rely on those responses always being there!

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