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PETALIER  /pe•tal•yey/ PETALIER™ 🌹Established October 2015 ✉️ 📞+632 500 9162 📱+63977 841 7738

Something very sweet is coming to make your heart skip a beat. We're revealing this sweet surprise real soon! Stay tuned and celebrate Fête des Coeurs (the Festival of Hearts) with #Petalier!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Our Petalier Hearts give you different ways to offer your heart to that special someone in your life. Aside from the grand Amour, Petalier Hearts are also available in Amourette-- an expression of love in its simplest and purest form, Lovely-- a charming vision of a strong and elegant love, and Belle--an impressive display of the beauty of love. In these boxes are the best luxury Ecuadorian roses ever made. Order them in time for Valentine season at

Our best-selling L’amour box just got a BIG makeover! Make a huge statement with our newest Amour box-- a bigger heart-shaped box that can hold more blooms you can customize inside, all at the same price! Don’t you think she deserves something this precious? Speak the language of love with Amour. Check out to order this now. We still have a lot of exciting announcements coming soon, so stick around!

Think out of the box! Our newest Rectangulaire Fleurs boxes give you different ways to plan your next romantic surprise. These dainty boxes can hold 1, 2, up to 10 long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses that you can customize! Get these and more at

Our Rectangulaire Fleur boxes are definitely becoming a crowd-favorite! Get one for your special someone today! Head over to or call us at +63977 841 7738/ +632 500 9162

Long-stemmed roses represent a love that is deep and long-lasting. This is definitely the best romantic statement you can offer to that special lady in your life. Get these fine blooms wrapped in equally fine and dainty Rectangulaire Fleurs boxes: the Enchanté and Sophistiqué. More at

Oh honey, you deserve to be loved endlessly. You deserve an enduring love, bigger than you've ever dreamed of. Tag your bestie to empower her for her strength and beauty! While at it, get her one of our Rectangulaire Fleurs boxes such as these 'Triple the Love' arrangements. Smile brighter, gorgeous! You deserve #Petalier. Get these at today

Everyone, say 'Bonjour!' to our newest Rectangulaire Fleurs boxes! You know how we like it unique! So we made sure that each floral pattern is exclusively designed only for Petalier. We've got the ‘ENCHANTÉ’ for the dainty kind of girl, and ‘SOPHISTIQUÉ’ for the sophisticated type of woman.
Tucked inside these gorgeous boxes are fresh, long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses that are laid out exquisitely. The best part? You get to customize the flower quantity and colors. This isn’t just a lovely surprise— it’s elegance and love wrapped inside four pretty, blooming corners. Price starts at Php 1,199. Order now at WWW.PETALIER.COM 🌹🌹🌹 For more queries, feel free to reach out to us via / +632 500 9162 / +63977 841 7738 and our cordial staff will be more than happy to assist you!

T-minus 24 hours. Holding our breaths a little longer-- we're too excited to reveal this tomorrow! Share us your excitement by giving this a double-tap and sharing your guesses in the comments!

How are you holding up? Watch out for the big announcement in 2 days! We're getting all giddy to unveil this already. Stay tuned!

Holding our excitement. We're spilling the beans in 3 days time. What do you think it is? Share it in the comments!

Something new in the works is coming at you in 4 days. Watch this space for the big reveal! For now, we're taking your guesses--Tell us what you think!

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