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PETA  Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment ❤ Follow for #AnimalRights news, #vegan inspiration & ways to get involved!

In a twist on the horrific trophy-hunting photo that showed the Trump brothers grinning while clutching the body of a dead leopard – this time the leopard wins! 😉 Tap the link in our profile to pre-order PETA’s new limited-edition @DonaldJTrumpJr Halloween costume:

Love to the rescue! @marvelslukecage star @theorossi and his adopted dog Benito show everyone how the best love is the rescued kind in heartfelt new PETA ad ❤️🐕

Dogs are family! We love that @evamendes is in @people magazine telling everyone how much dogs deserve love 💕 Remember to always #AdoptDontBuy and #SpayandNeuter your companion animal.

PETA’s rescue team in #NorthCarolina spotted this dog swimming around his yard. They earned his trust and led him safely onto their boat, then to veterinarian. He’s doing well ❤️#HurricaneFlorence

RESCUED! These sweet cats were trapped by #HurricaneFlorence floodwaters until PETA’s rescue team go them to safety. Swipe through to see both rescues 👉
1)  PETA’s rescue team made their way through wood and briars, sometimes in neck-deep water, as they called out to a cat who meowed back to them. They spotted the young cat in a tree. He fell into the water, but they quickly got him to safety on the boat!
2)  Out team ran into people in a flooded neighborhood who said there were cats in need of help. They found a mama cat and her kitten huddled behind trash cans on a back porch, surrounded by water.

BREAKING: PETA Asia eyewitness finds badgers kept in tiny cages and bashed over the head in China, just to make cosmetic and paint brushes sold around the world. Is your makeup brush worth this suffering? Tap the link in our profile to learn more:

GROUNDBREAKING VICTORY: Los Angeles just made selling and manufacturing fur ILLEGAL by 2020 🙌
PETA has been fighting for animals in the fur trade for DECADES, and you'll know why after seeing what happens to them.

This small kitten was found alone and clinging to a railing that was floating in waist-deep floodwater 💔 PETA's Rescue Team rescued him after following the sound of his cries! #HurricaneFlorence

PETA’s Rescue Team is in #NorthCarolina and found this cat trapped on a porch with nowhere to go and a dog who appears to have a skin disease abandoned in a flooded home. They were both brought swiftly to safety! #HurricaneFlorence

Incredible to be there today to witness LA City Council’s unanimous vote to ban fur sales by 2020! Swipe through to see everything that went down, and tap the link in our profile to watch the full rally on #FacebookLIVE: 👉
1) @JoannaKrupa speaks in favor of the ban, alongside councilmembers and other celebrities.
2) A canine supporter reminds the crowd that all fur comes from animals who didn’t want to die.
3) A few of the massive crowd, making their voices heard.
4) @MaggieQ posing with her PETA anti-fur ad before the meeting.

BREAKING: Fur is going to be history in #LosAngeles! The L.A. City Council just voted to ban the sale and manufacturing of fur by 2020, making it the largest city in the U.S.—and the world—to go fur-free 💕

Quinoa, jerk tofu, black beans, kale, avocado, pineapple salsa, and avo-citrus dressing from LA’s @bodhibowl 😋 Proof that it’s easy to make healthy, pretty, and filling #vegan lunches that DON’T hurt animals! #VeganFuture

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