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♦️Coming Black Friday♦️
We’ve been getting asked every day for a few weeks, so here’s the official announcement! For the 4th year in a row Select Protein White Chocolate Mint - Limited Edition - will be available on Black Friday (Nov 23rd).

Like years before it’s one batch only, so once it’s gone it’s gone! If you want a reminder for when it’s available sign up to be on our Insider on our home page.

Who’s ready to #selectthebest this holiday season?!

🔹Creatine FYIs🔹
Creatine is likely the most studied single ingredient in sports nutrition ever. But there’s still a lot of myths and false truths thrown around. Here’s a few facts to help if you’re curious about creatine:
1) Don’t bother with loading. Old school creatine usage involved a loading period where large amounts of creatine were taken the first few days. More recent research has shown there’s no point in a loading phase.
2) Some people think there’s special forms of creatine that don’t cause water retention. That is false. Creatine (no matter what form) will cause increased water retention in muscle tissue when taken at high enough doses. That’s part of its mechanism!
3) Studies have shown you can avoid the water retention and still get benefits from creatine by staying at a dose of .03g/kg of body weight. For a 100kg person that is 3 grams.
4) The most frequently studied dose of creatine is 5 grams per day, taken every day.
5) The time of day in which you take creatine is not very important. You can mix it with your pre-workout on workout days, but what is most important is that it is taken on a daily basis, whether you’re training or not.

Questions? Ask away! #creatine #pescience

What will be on your next PEScience order?

🔹Samples on samples🔹
We are continuing our promotion through November:
1) All orders over $25 can choose any 2 free samples (including a Select protein bar!)
2) Additionally, all orders will be receiving a handful of random samples inside their package!

What have you been wanting to try?

🔹What’s your recipe?🔹
While Select is most commonly used as a protein shake, many of you have come up with tons of additional uses. What are your favorite ways to use Select?

🔹Got Pumps?🔹
Everyone loves a good pump during their workout. There’s no better feeling than leaving the gym with your hard-worked muscles fuller than ever.

What’s you’re favorite muscle group to train on High Volume?

🔹Cupcakes anyone?🔹
Did you know that in a single sip of Select Protein you can taste all the flavors of biting into a cupcake? The sweet chocolate cake, the vanilla frosting aftertaste, and no taste of protein.

Who uses Select to curb their cravings?

🔹Select Protein🔹
No matter what your dietary needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Many of our long time fans have been asking, will the seasonal White Chocolate Mint Select be back this year?

The answer...YES! It won’t be for another 4 weeks, but it’s coming 😎
#pescience #selectthebest

🍫Guilt free snack🍫
No matter what your snack mood is, we’ve got the flavors to hit the spot.

Have you tried all 3? What’s your go to?

Starting this week, spend more than $25 on your order and you can add 2 protein bars to your cart for free! Experience the best. #dessert #pescience

🔹5 things you need to know about Prolific🔹
1) Prolific has all the energy and pump you’ll every need, all rolled into one product.
2) It won’t cause your skin to itch and tingle like many pre-workouts (a condition known as paresthesia)
3) For many, a single scoop of Prolific is plenty to get your energy and focus to the next level. For the extra tolerant, 2 is as much as you’ll ever need.
4) Unlike most pre-workouts, Prolific isn’t just a blend of stimulants. It’s a carefully crafted blend of 2 forms of caffeine, pump ingredients, and cognitive enhancers to activate your mind-muscle connection.
5) Best of all, Prolific will hit you like it’s the first time every time. Not like those products that seem to lose all effectiveness after the third use.
—PS: This flavor will be back in stock any day—
#science #pescience #prolific

🍓Tell us what you think🍓
Now that everyone is getting their Strawberry Cheesecake Select, we’d love to hear some feedback!

Many people did not get a chance to order it the first time we released it, but rest assured we made plenty this time!

Now our team heads back into the flavoring lab to develop our next Select creation. What could it be?

🔹5 things you need to know about High Volume🔹
1) It’s caffeine free, making it perfect for those wanting to avoid caffeine, or stack with a caffeinated product like Prolific.
2) It won’t make your skin tingle and itch.
3) A single scoop of High Volume is all that most people need.
4) High Volume is the king of pumps, but the same mechanisms that cause a great pump also help with endurance. This make High Volume great for cardio as well.
5) The first ingredient in High Volume is L-Citrulline. People often think that citrulline is the same thing as ‘citrulline malate’, but it is not. Citrulline is the part that causes the pump, the malate is just a filler. In order to get the same effects as 4000mg of Citrulline you would need 8,000mg of citrulline malate.
#science #feelthevolume #highvolume

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