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▪️Energy & Pump Powerhouse▪️
It’s Friday...and you’re probably in need of an energy surge to get through your workout. Reach for the pre-workout that hits like the first time, every time. #BeProlific

🔹Stack for Goals🔹
The best protein. The best pre-workouts. The best BCAAs. Samples. Specialty goal-specific products.

Tell us, is there a product or product category you’d like to see us make?⬇️

▪️Out with the old, in with the new▪️
We will be developing a new Select Cafe flavor to replace Vanilla Frappe. To make room for the new flavor we are having a final below-cost sale on Vanilla Frappe, just $10 each while supplies last! Expiry 10/2018

What coffee-inspired flavor do you want to see on the Select Cafe Series?⬇️

▪️Next-Level BCAA▪️
Amino IV delivers a massive 5 grams of leucine, the most anabolic (muscle building) amino acid per serving. This is 40-100% more than average market competitors. Yes, you get double the leucine in Amino IV!

On top of that you’re getting a blend of electrolytes and all the essential amino acids, making Amino IV perfect for any type of training, exercise, or physical activity. Put down that sugary sports drink!

Available in 8 delicious flavors. Try them all with our new Amino IV Ultimate Trial Kit!

Let us know which flavor you’ve been wanting to try out. We will pick 2 winners from the comments below for a free bottle!

🍫Select Bars🍫
Which flavor are you grabbing❓

▪️What’s your goal?▪️
Can you believe it’s already August? With summer slowly winding down, what are your goals as we approach the fall season?

Whether your goals are to cut, bulk, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

🍫Guess what’s back?🍫
That’s right. Fudge Brownie Select Bars are back in stock! Save 15% today with code PES15. Who’s been desperately waiting for these dessert level bars?

🔹Ask and you shall receive🔹
We have had many requests for the Prolific + High Volume stack to be added to the Stack & Save section of our website.

Good news - now it is! And it’s one hell of a deal. Enjoy 💪🏽

▪️Like Samples?▪️
Then you’re in luck. Every order on our website receives free samples. PLUS on all orders above $25, you get to choose 2 more samples to be added for free at checkout.

Which product or flavor have you been wanting to try?

🔹Pre + Post🔹
What more could you ask for?

Did you know that Select Protein is a blend of both whey and casein protein? This makes it the best protein for every use. Post workout. Morning. Night. You name it.

Did you know Prolific contains two forms of caffeine, multiple cognitive compounds, zero skin tingle/itch, and is loaded with pump ingredients? That’s what makes it the last pre-workout you’ll ever need. #pescience #prolific #selectthebest

🔹King of Pumps🔹
Perfectly formulated. Perfectly flavored. Hits every time. ⬇️What’s your favorite muscle group to train with High Volume?⬇️ #pescience #highvolume #feelthevolume

When it comes to amino acid/BCAA supplementation, there are two important things to look for:
1️⃣ Leucine content. Leucine is the most important BCAA of them all, and the biggest trigger of muscle protein synthesis. Amino IV has 5g per serving, which is 40-100% more than the market average. If you’re drinking BCAAs with low or undisclosed leucine, you’re wasting your money.
2️⃣ EAAs. We formulated Amino IV with essential amino acids (EAAs) along with the BCAAs because we saw the early research showing their importance. While others are finally catching up on this research, we’ve been doing it since 2013 😎 #pescience #aminoiv

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