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Peru Hop  The first hop on hop off bus transport system in #Perú. Tag us to be featured or use #PeruHop Tickets & Trip Itineraries ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We've got that Friday feeling, do you? 😋 #DiscoverTheRealPeru #PeruHop
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Will this Road lead you on an Adventure?😉
#DiscoverTheRealPeru #PeruHop

''Golden Hour over my beautiful White City''
When the sun shines, Arequipa glistens. The chalky white buildings are built from volcanic rock making Arequipa undoubtedly one of the prettiest cities in Peru. Who would you bring?
#DiscoverTheRealPeru #PeruHop
📷 video by @maluveltze

'My favorite travel moment is PAUSING every thought. Pausing to take in the character of the place. Pausing to feel collective experiences and journeys of thousands before me. Pausing to revere nature and her creations; pausing to honor man and his inventions’’ Ketki Sharangpani
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Cusco’s biggest yearly Festival is coming up! Celebrations & ceremonies take place over the city, with people traveling to Cusco from around the world. This 9-day festival is filled with performances and dances in honor of the Incan sun deity inti! Traditionally, llamas & alpacas were sacrificed to convince Inti to return to Earth. Who would you bring? #peruhop #discoverperu
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Cutest thing you'll see this Monday! #peruhop #discoverperu ......
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Armadillo shell guitars and woodwind instruments? 🤔The history behind this traditional music is incredible!😍 Check out our video on the styles and instruments that makes these songs so unique and celebrate the Andean Song day together!😊🇵🇪🎶
#DiscoverTheRealPeru #PeruHop

Cusco is a thriving town for tourists and locals alike, full of culture and unique architecture from past to present. The true feel of ancient Peru filled with beauty. #peruhop #discovertherealperu
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One of the biggest protected desert reserves in South America... Paracas is a hidden treasure of Peru, don't miss out on these beautiful coastal areas. 🌊 #peruhop
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Come to visit Arequipa, the city of unique history, varied cuisine and beautiful landscapes!😍We make sure you don't miss it on your way to Cusco. Just hop off and take your time to explore this magical city!😉
#DiscoverTheRealPeru #PeruHop
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This photo of Lake Titicaca looks absolutely magical! Was your #PeruHop experience like this?
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Found in the Peruvian Andes, Rainbow Mountain is famed for its natural, multi-coloured beauty. It has only recently been discovered, but is fast becoming one of THE places to visit in South America. Would you hike it when in Peru?
#DiscoverTheRealPeru #PeruHop
📷: @rickroma

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