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Go check out the Pizza Hut ad My little one was in!
http://youtu.be/K9XpURKLlww It is sooo funny😂😂👌 You won't regret watching it! #mashamalinina #youngsctress #andthetiaragoesto #pizzahut #pizzahutdelivery #cirice #whydoesthisexist

#mashamalinina behind the scenes of new episodes for Why Does This Exist for #DreamWorksTV #dreamworks #fun #funny #kids #production #youtube #facebook

My daughter knows what happiness is (in the rain)😄

Thailand traditional:-)

This has to be STOPPED!!

@hi_im_russian @masha.malinina.official as Cirice in Ghost song on youtube "Cirice"
You were AMAZING there, my biggest LOVE!!!

My little one in an extremely successful YouTube hit video Cirice by an incredible Band Ghost B. C. plays a role of Cirice. You can be 500,000 or 1 mln viewer in a day or a few! Check this link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Ao4t_fe0I
And more pics and information at Masha's instagrams @hi_im_russian or @masha.malinina.official

@tb My love @masha.malinina.official @hi_im_russian with Scottie Pippen @scottiepippen on the set of Fresh Of The Boat

My little girls @hi_im_russian, @masha.malinina.official comedy sitcom first episode is released!
Don t miss it :-). There is a surprise from me there to :-) "Diane, Jerry and Friends" at youtube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M2EX0OCQoIY

My second daughter :-))

Early Early Saturday morning (6:30 am!) for Masha Malinina at the set of "scamps and GOONS"
But she loved working, whenever she has to be at the set!

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