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Christina - Persika Design Co.  Art, Prints, Stationery, Custom 🌺 Find me painting & talking to my plants in #Milwaukee, WI 🍑 ON VACATION 🇬🇧 new orders will be shipped 7/24 ✌️

No, I’m not working on my paintings while I’m on vacation or “holiday” as they say it here, but I wanted to share what I was working on before I left. When I come back I’ll be finishing this moth & a lot of other illustrations for the 2019 calendar. For now I’m hanging out in The Bear Pub in Horsham, England & watching the World Cup. 🍻🍻🍻🍻

UK Day 2 🇬🇧 London
We slept in & then took the bus (which was so amazingly fun because we sat in the front of the second level) to Notting Hill where we had a traditional British breakfast (vegetarian version.) Then we spent some time walking the colorful streets & the market before we went on to do the very typical touristy stuff like visiting Buckingham Palace & Westminster. BTW! Big Ben is under construction & was covered with scaffolding. 😟 oh well... I’m not into typical touristy things anyway.
We hopped back on the bus & scooted on over to Chelsea where my taste buds & heart eyes almost exploded. We ate tapas at the most gorgeous restaurant, @chicamalondon.
As we were on our way back home it started to downpour, so in our most romantic fashion we took cover at a French wine bar.
We’re both immensely enjoying ourselves. 💕

UK Day 1 🇬🇧 London
We took it pretty easy because I always feel sick after long plane rides.
We relaxed in Hyde Park & Kensington Palace Gardens, which is across from our hotel.
We wandered the beautiful streets of Kensington & of course, shared fish & chips for supper.
Then we hopped the underground & made our way to the infamous Piccadilly Circus (much like Times Square, is not for me.)
Then we made our way over to Mayfair & stopped at @libertylondon because I was adamant to TJ that I must visit! (I’ve been a long time fan & have been so inspired by their floral patterns.) Finally, we called it an early night & slept like logs.

I’m so excited to be here in London with TJ! I posted more pics in my story & I’m gonna share even more tomorrow! Buuuut we are wiped & this does a good job of summing up these first 24 hours of our trip.

Going on a trip means saying goodbye to my plant children. I’m saying my prayers that they don’t die while I’m gone from lack of hydration or their feelings being hurt. 🌱

Today I did 7 social media consultations with artists from the @milwaukeeartistresourcenetwork (btw did you know I do consultations & coaching work for artists & creatives?! More info to come on that but dm me if you’re interested.) 〰️
So to see this post from @adamjk & his book tonight really hit home. A majority of the artists I talked with today saw social media as a distraction from actually making their work. I get that. I also get that it can be tough to go on Instagram & see all the awesome work that other people are making & the really cool projects they’re working on & all of the attention they’re getting & then to stop mid-scroll to be like “why the heck am I wasting my time on Instagram when I could/should be in the studio doing the same thing as them?” That mindset is “if only I put my head down & cranked out beautiful, brilliant work everything will fall into place like it did for all of these amazing artists on Instagram.” So you just need to focus on your art, right?
Not really. But I’m super happy for you that you found something you love to do... to be honest though, if you leave it at that, you only really have a hobby. 😬😬😬 I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. To really have a career as an artist, that automatically makes you an entrepreneur no matter which path you decide to take to get there. 〰️
I’m super grateful to have found a way to connect with people via social media & develop friendships, find a tribe & build a community. Through that change in perspective of what social media really is & truly can be, I’ve been able to build a business brick by brick. It’s not an overnight success story, but it’s a creation that I’m working at with all of my heart & soul. Being able to see how that comes to fruition in a tangible, immediate way through Instagram is so exciting & that’s all I desire for all of my friends out there doing the same thing! ✨✨✨
Peace & many blessings to you my friends. You are so worthy in your own ways & the love that you pour out into the world will be received by so many open arms. Don’t be discouraged by negative thoughts. Change your perspective to view the potential & THEN everything will fall into place.

I just dropped off some prints & cards at Sparrow Collective @sparrowcollective in Bay View & I’m also very happy 😆 to let you know you can now shop Persika prints & cards at The Regal Find @theregalfind in Middleton, WI & Personify @shoppersonify in Duluth, GA! Woot woot 🦉 I looooove connecting with new stores. Shoot me a DM if you’re interested in carrying some product.

More installation art on my hand. It’s temporary and ✨ oh ✨ so ✨ conceptual... because I’m an artist like that. 💁‍♀️

Happy Saturday, ya goofballs. ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾🏐🏉🎱

I tried to have a photo shoot with Frank but he wasn’t having it... so I just goofed off with my @melissa_jenkins x Persika earrings by myself instead... cuz it’s Friday. And yeah I am gonna have a beer at 4:30 because that’s basically 5 right? & we all know what happens at 5pm... 🤔🍻

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! We started the day binging Curb Your Enthusiasm & drinking coffee, then made peach cobbler & headed to a friend’s home. Instead of watching fireworks, we found ourselves swinging on a porch swing enjoying a thunderstorm. ⛈ 〰️
All in all, I was left feeling immensely grateful & particularly privileged this Independence Day to be one of what feels like only a few in this world who actually get to be free. I did nothing to deserve it & the fact that others who come here in search of freedom are rejected, refused, & locked up, truly breaks my heart. I was especially touched by these words yesterday. ... “I love fireworks and cookouts and sunshine and days off, but freedom I cannot celebrate because of all the brown children who came for freedom but are held in cages.” - @kristenramirez
〰️ “But here’s the thing: like any important relationship, we can’t give up on that which we love because things aren’t going the way we want them to. I will continue to love this country and fight for the values I believe represent it. Our country has a rich history; not a history free from mistakes by any means, but a history of learning from those mistakes and rectifying our wrongdoings. I believe that most of our fellow Americans are citizens who have and will consistently stand up for what’s right time after time, and that is what makes our country so great.” - @beeandapple 💜
Thank you for standing up & speaking truth.

Cutie potted plant painted by me is my new plant friend. Apparently it’s an air purifier & a “plant of steel” so I guess that means it’s harder to kill. 🤞 〰️
Other things on my mind:
1) things to do in London/the UK for our upcoming trip 🇬🇧
2) whether my Rhodiola supplements actually do anything & what they really mean when they say “helps the body adapt to the stress of daily life” ... 🤔
3) keep having to remind myself it’s July already
4) listened to J. Cole’s KOD yesterday in its entirety two times in a row & it’s freaking amazing
5) I’m going to eat half a grapefruit now.
6) I hope I don’t kill this plant.

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