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Christina - Persika Design Co.  Art, Prints, Stationery, Custom 〰️making & selling + joyous life ramblings 〰️stories are grade A goofy #Milwaukee, WI 🌿🌸🍑🌸🌿 👇end of summer sale!!✌️

to hate
is an easy lazy thing
but to love
takes strength
everyone has
but not all are
willing to practice. - rupi kaur, @rupikaur_ 〰️〰️〰️
This is a close-up of my piece called Pink Shadows. The art print is still on sale in my shop! 🌸

Is it doubt or is it progress? I can almost never tell. And that’s when the feelings of crazy come. 😂

It’s fun when you have fun doing what could have been just another to-do on a never-ending to-do list. ✌️ Yes, it took a lot longer but it was stress-relieving & playful & reminded me why I make art in the first place. If you don’t watch out, life can just become a series of things you have to get done. But guess what!! Questioning the status quo doesn’t mean things won’t get done!! You just have to take the pressure off & enjoy being present in everything that you’re doing. 🧡 Our mailbox is pretty far away & that can be kind of annoying sometimes, but I took it as an opportunity to take a long walk & listen to @andyjpizza’s #CreativePepTalk. On the way home, I splurged on an iced americano & pistachio macaron from @rocketbabybakery. It’s a gorgeous day outside! I’m glad I got to enjoy it. ✨🌞
BTW could you have guessed that I, a greeting card designer, loves mail?! Well if any stores are out there reading this & are interested in stocking Persika Design Co. feel free to reach out! If you want, I’ll even send samples with colorful art on them to brighten your day & give you a feel for my cards. 🌈✉️

One of the best-sellers from today!! 🧡 Hygge is a Danish word & way of life that’s all about being cozy, having the warm fuzzies, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, & spending time with loved ones. The illustrations from this print are some of my favorite necessities for cozy living. What am I missing?! 🇩🇰 (pssst I’ve got a few left of these in stock online!!)

Enjoying some delicious cider & a gorgeous day at @sociablecider!! Come join me!

🍓strawberry fields forever🍓
Do you trust yourself? • With art I’ve learned to trust my own two hands & my own abilities. I trust that even if I mess up or end up not liking how something turns out, it’ll probably be different the next time or the time after that. Making art is one of the only ways I’ve learned how to lean into the unknown in my life. I can barely handle not knowing what I’m gonna have for dinner by lunchtime & I would like to go on more trips without a final destination in mind. Learning how to let go happens in small bursts for me but since I’m so consistent in my art practice & have been practicing for so long, I know that things will eventually turn out in a way that I could never have planned or predicted. 🧡

I definitely don’t have it “all together” & I’m pretty sure nobody thinks that I do but I am surprised when I talk to people who are where I was just a year ago & they think I’ve figured shit out. And I say nope! No way! But I am starting to develop a rhythm & fall in love with things that used to fill me with anxiety... so I’ll say that’s a big leap! The one bit of advice I can give at this early stage in my business is that you need people. You need people who are on your team, who will root for you. I might not be able to hire employees yet, but it’s a good thing I have a partner for life in TJ. I know he has my back always & he’s helped me walk this path in more ways than I can count. Happy Labor Day & cheers to taking it easy for once! 🍻 (even tho I sure as hell ain’t taking the day off!! Too much work to do! And I thank God for it because there are so many blessings in work.)

🕊and this bird you cannot change🕊

I took a nap today + I slept in. What are you trying to tell me, body? That I shouldn’t stay up into the middle of the night painting?! 🤔🤔🤔

Still a handful of original florals available in the shop. 💖 I love this one. “This moment is enough.”

Cleaning my palette calms my soul & this photo is calling to me.

Anyone else super into personality types?! I used to be a Myers Briggs junkie & I still am, but I recently got more into Enneagram. I can lean either Introvert or extrovert depending on the day, so I/ENFP & the last time I took the Enneagram test I literally got the exact same percentages of 2 & 3. The struggle is real.
Leave your type & favorite personality test in the comments!! If there’s one I haven’t taken yet, let me know cuz online quizzes are my favorite form of procrastination.

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