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Christina - Persika Design Co.  Art, Prints, Greeting Cards, Custom 〰️ find the thing that reminds you you’re free 〰️ 🌜🌸🍑🌸🌛 Next up! MARNmentors exhibit at @redlinemke Feb 1st!!!

I got a professional haircut for the first time in like 3 years because I missed layers. ☺️ (go see Ali at @establishmentwi!!! She’s a miracle worker 🧡) I’m pretty settled in my new studio at @vargallery & trying to get some serious hours in with this painting. I have to finish it in a week cuz it’s going to be my piece for the MARNmentors show on February 1st at @redlinemke. I’ll give more deets about that show soon! ✌️
Hmmmm... other updates: I hate painting hands so I always leave them for last 😬 & also (even tho I love her) I had to take the Mary Oliver post down because that photograph actually wasn’t of her. It was a different Mary Oliver & I just made a total goof. Oops!! 😬 can’t get everything right now, can we!!??Still love her work obviously & we should all go on a poetry binge this weekend. Sounds good eh. 💕💕

I haven’t been posting much because I’m still moving into my new studio at @vargallery & getting settled & at home feelings. I’m super excited about it tho & I have so many fun projects I’m working on right now! Until then, here’s some oh-so-good ⚡️ #colorpaletteinspiration from @hellosandwich 🥰

I just added a bunch of new lovey dovey & just generally fun cards to the site & wholesale! I love making love cards! 💕💕 they’re my favorite. ☺️

There’s always lots of hubbub about New Year’s resolutions...
✌️ But can I tell you a little story? (Let’s be real. It’s never a little story with me... 💤) On January 1st, 2018 I made a change because I was sick of feeling sad about eating meat (especially as much as our country tends to overindulge beyond reason) & I’d also noticed that it didn’t sit well with my digestion either. I have never ever been one to keep up with diets or stick to resolutions concerning diets so I was a bit apprehensive if I could make the change. I decided to start with one month. I thought maybe every January I’d fast from meat. Well that was pretty easy! I ended up reducing the amount of meat I ate by switching to a Pescatarian diet (& I know, overfishing but I felt it was better to make a change I knew I could stick to long-term & I only eat fish once or twice a week.) 〰️ I’m happy to announce I’m still going strong!! & I’m so proud & at peace with this decision! I used to sit down to eat & feel guilt, not about calories but about injustice. I told myself a story that it would be such a difficult choice but it really was so easy! And then once I was making more conscious decisions, I re-evaluated my makeup, beauty products, skin products, home & cleaning products!! Do you realize how many everyday brands that we all probably have in our houses right now are using animals to test their products & many keeping them in horrible conditions? And this is such a simple switch for us!!! Many vegan & environmentally friendly products are available at Target for comparable prices!!! #noexcuses 😉
Anyway, off my soap box. Just sayin’ we’ve got choices & we aren’t stuck with the status quo & if you wanna make a change for the better, today is your day!! But also a huge one for me!!! 👉 You don’t have to go all the way vegan to make a change & make a difference. You can be better & do better in a way that makes sense for you & that's better than nothing!
P.S. Reducing how much meat you eat is also beneficial to the environment!! Look out for news about how I want to make changes to Persika to reduce our environmental impact in 2019!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the vibes of 2019 so far. ✨🤙 If you didn’t figure out your calendar yet for the year you should definitely check out the one I put together. I’m super proud of it. I love how it came together with beauty, function & purpose. There’s room to plan, quotes to uplift & make you think & of course, artwork all inspired by nature & especially gardens. 🦋
I had thought before that I’d want to focus more on growing, expanding, accomplishing on the business end this year but the more I’ve opened up, been present & let go, the more I’m realizing I want to connect & engage & allow growth to happen through that. That’s where I’m at right now anyways. 🧡☺️

A trip into the incubator (aka the place where creatives go to recharge 🙃) would not be complete for me without a Henry Darger binge & long talks with artist friends about the creative process. So happy to finally meet @amadorcollective in person today & chat about all the things!! 🧡🧡🧡 Henry is my favorite artist of all time & the one I always go back to when I need that reset to light a fire of inspiration again! If you haven’t watched the documentary about his life, “In the Realms of the Unreal: The Mystery of Henry Darger” then add it to your list right now! 〰️ He lived in Chicago during the mid-20th century as a recluse in a studio apartment. When he died in 1973 his landlady discovered why he spent so much time alone... 300 paintings (some nearly 10 feet long!!!!!!) & a 15,000 page illustrated novel. 📚 He spent his childhood in an asylum for “feeble minded children”... a misunderstood, clearly fascinating man who spent his entire life in isolation, keeping his work a secret, only to become infamous after his death. Another unfortunate artist cliché? maybe... but tragic in its own right & completely brilliant & captivating.

I’ve been putting off making a 2018 post because I don’t like endings, especially after such a great year! I obviously use this account to share lots of my art & truthfully, that’s what I spend most of my time doing... but when I reflect back on the year it’s not really the art pieces I’ve finished that I am sentimental about. It’s always the time spent with family & friends, the exploring, the accomplishments & progress, the connections & relationships... those are the memories I will cherish, but there’s always more to be hopeful for & excited about. So there are no ends unless we make them. When I was going to bed the other night, I came across a little letter that TJ wrote for me on our wedding day. In it he wrote, “after the wedding we will pursue our dreams together and I promise to be right there with you along the way.” 🧡 When you’re young & fresh out of college you think “Sure! Of course we will pursue our dreams! What else would we do?!” You have no idea what that actually means or entails or the perseverance & teamwork it requires. I had no idea how much those words would mean even more to me after we’d began to live them. 🧡 I can’t fully express what it means to me that we get to live out those words & fill our lives with so much love & joy. I’m just really grateful. Thank you, friends, for rallying behind me, for supporting & encouraging me, for making this the best year for my business & one that will truly be hard to beat on a personal level, as well. I really am not interested in a business to customer transaction, one & done experience. I’m one lady & I’m fortunate to have the help of my husband, family & friends! So when you support my business, you’re actually supporting us & it means so much to me that I sincerely want to connect with you! I hope I have more opportunities to do that in 2019. Until then, rock on butterflies! 🦋 Have a bangin’ New Year’s Eve!

🌈 Be reckless in your quest for goodness and truth. 🌈
Btw 🤫 this is December in Persika Design Co’s 2019 calendar.

Because I love this quote & I didn’t take any new pictures over the holidays cuz 🤷‍♀️ *was probably eating cookies* . . . Here’s a pic of me from when I was a baby at 20 & the weather was nice & I still have this Pink sweatshirt (it’s from high school) but now it has paint stains all over it. 😜
〰️ Here’s the quote 〰️ “Your freedom lies through your humanity, not in spite of it.” - Ram Dass @babaramdass (P.S. I bet you didn’t know I love quotes!!! 👏 JK!!! Please DM me your faves *all the time, whenever they come to you* so we can become friends over our shared love of words & sentiments.)

I hope those who celebrate had a fantastic Christmas! ✌️ To those who spent the day by themselves, I hope they know there is love in the universe for them. For those who struggle during the holidays, I hope you know there is love in the universe for you. For those who are confused about what they believe, there is love in the universe for you. For those who are grateful, there is love in the universe for you. 💓 add more thoughts below. 👇 I love you, friends! It makes my heart so happy that some of you chose to give my art as gifts, that some opened my art as gifts & that my art literally wrapped some gifts. 🤓 #geekingoutaboutit

Building a wall is not the answer. (Literally or figuratively 👌) You only need a hard exterior if you have a weak interior. Vulnerability is not weakness when you are firmly planted. When you know yourself, your confidence comes from within. It’s a fallacy that you need to present a facade to the world in order to protect your true self. That facade exists because you haven’t yet uncovered your true self. Your true self is the being that sits at the center of everything – the one that realizes there is no need for protection from the other because no other exists. 💓

”Good creative work creates more space than it uses.” - William P. Young
The new year holds many fun surprises already that I can’t wait to share with you!!! Some questions for what comes next still hang in the air & are leaving me at a loss. Like, my next original series... I’m thinking I’d like to do another abstract series next month cuz it was such a relaxing way to start the year with a complete reset. I was able to experiment and explore and be loose. I’ve been craving that feeling again!
〰️ This is one of my favorites from the Remnants series called “You Smell Like Love.” I’m so happy to know it’s hanging in the home of a dear friend. 🧡

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