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Who do you spend your “better days” with? Let me know below. ⭐️ Art by @flowsofly

Would you rather find love, or a briefcase with 10 million dollars in it? 😊 Art by @flowsofly

Do you know anyone like this? 😂

Win a shoutout! 😀 Leave a comment and I’ll select 2 people at random for a story shoutout! ⭐️ Art by @flowsofly

When was the last time you cried?

Do you believe in soulmates? 😀 Let me know below, & have a nice weekend! ⭐️ Art by @flowsofly

Comment using your favorite emojis 🤯🤐🤒⭐️Art by @flowsofly

Who are you missing today? Let me know below. 🖤

Are you happy with your life right now? Let me know below. If not, let’s chat! ⭐️ Art by @flowsofly

How old were you when you first fell in love? ❤️

Contest! ⭐️ Write a poem using the word ‘breathe.’ The top 8 most liked poems will go in my story! ⭐️ Art @flowsofly

Help! I’m doing a test with the instagram algorithm. Please save, like and comment on this one. Thanks! ⭐️Art @flowsofly

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