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Perry Eber 

Its actually over. School's starting in a couple of months, and yet another chapter of life will unfold. Talk about time not waiting for anyone, honestly hasn't felt like two years.
These photos really dont do my two years of national service justice because apart from these amazing people, there are still SOOOO many more of you that i will like to dedicate this to. Unfortunately i don't have a whole lot of photos haha BUT YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
Anyways what an experience this has been, would like to thank each and everyone of you because believe it or not, you impacted my life in more ways than one. Feel like I've grown as an individual (hopefully for the better)😂 and I'm grateful to have gone through it with every singe one of you, all the way from Orion to Armour.
Now that I'm done with that, anyone wanna go climb mount rinjani?⛰🏔😂

The withdrawal symptoms are real, pretty disappointed to have left so soon. Nonetheless, amazing place with amazing people🇭🇲❤ I'll be back😏

Once again congratulations newlyweds Nigel and Merry! Absolutely stunning wedding, and definitely a memorable one! Grateful that i was able to be a part of it!😃

Great to see everyone again😄⚾️

Want to thank everyone that i met in Alpha and Armour for the experience of a lifetime, will miss the comradery dearly, couldn't have done it without you guys! Best of luck to the units you are going to! Also to all my friends from school! Thanks for all the support! Definitely made a difference in my life✌😄

The past 9 months has been the most exhausting, yet rewarding time of my life. Knowing that i had the three most sturdy pillars in my life, that were always there for me, whether it be for good times or bad, made me realise how important your family really is. It made the most trying times that much easier and the rewarding times the sweetest. As my parents changed the ranks on my shoulders, i felt a rush of gratefulness, for everything they have done, how understanding they have been. Just want to end off by saying thank you to my loved ones, you will always be my driving force and what matters to me the most.😊❤️

Kinda late but happy birthday @austinong hope your 21st birthday was a meaningful one!🎊🎈🎂🎉 14 years of friendship well spent with you and tim!

Its been a long three weeks, time to go home😊

Just ended my five week confinement and now I'm off for another three weeks🇩🇪 gonna miss everyone back at home😊

Apart from getting hit in the family jewels, tonight was pretty fun😵😂👍

Good to see that after 6 years the Eber family hasnt changed much😂 nice to have spent the day with you guys! Have a safe trip back! I PROMISE WE'LL GO VISIT SOON. Also, Happy 2016 everyone😁🎉🎊

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