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  Claud ❤️x1 💬x1 | Tana ❤️x1

she’s such a dork

I’m so in love with the signed copies omg (before someone says it’s greedy me having 2. My first one got scratched and she recently signed a new bunch so I got another signed copy instead of plain)

please can you rt/tag her. Whatever (Link in bio). All people that do I’ll dm the users to Ariana or Little Mix 😽 on Twitter bc they follow me. I’m not asking for a follow. But comment on here your user and which one you’d like the dm to and I’ll happily do it as a thank you



Perrie posted a Jerrie pic. My heart. @littlemix @perrieedwards @jadethirlwall

after working here 4 years. I finally have a uniform hoodie 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m so happy bc I thought I’d lose my job over my anxiety and now I’m like official. I’m proper happy

one day I hope I can hug you and thank you in person | @annemarie

Dear @tanamongeau I am a fan of yours. I’ve seen rumours on twitter about you laughing at the Manchester Arena attack. I hope this is fake. I don’t want to think you could be so cruel as to laugh at a tragedy. If it’s fake, please say so. If it’s real, I have one question. Why? Why would you laugh at a terrorist attack. This might not affect you but for me and thousands of others it’s a living nightmare. Yes, it was 15 months ago. The PTSD is still there. The thoughts come back without control. The flashbacks are still there. For people that got physically injured. Some are still injured. Why would you laugh. I’m so upset and disappointed by this @tanamongeau

I have a question. Me and a friend were discussing it last night. I just want to know other peoples say on it! What’s your opinion on people self-diagnosing themselves with anxiety. Just from stuff read online or whatever. Like do you think it’s right or wrong to do so? As someone that has been told be 4 different doctors that I do have it, I’m curious to what others think.

Happy Birthday Lucy! Thank you for being an amazing friend. Idk why we don’t talk as much as we used to. I miss that. But have an amazing day! ILY 💛 @albumeditz

I’m making myself a CD for the car. I got a limit of about 15? Songs. I have to choose out the 75 in my playlist. I’ve got it to 75 our of over 5,000 🙄

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