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jess  22.05.17 💔


cup to describe me

love York

i'm going to the airport. It's in Manchester. Even though it's not in the city i'm actually scared right now bc i don't want to be near manchester 😶

this video will give me chills for the rest of my life

i wanna follow some of your guys personals on my personal bc i feel like people think i ignore them on here 🙈🙈. comment your personals so i can follow you on mine. i'm @jessicaamidgley ☺️

i don't understand why the One Love Manchester merch was available online and worldwide. I get that the money goes to the charity as it should, but surely if people care they'd donate anyway. they shouldn't need to buy a shirt. they should do it out of kindness. It's not a concert where merch becomes available online. It's a concert that shouldn't even have had to happen. It's not a fashion statement. Yes I have stuff from it. But i was there. I wear that jumper or one of my shirts out and people look at me and they understand. I have a funny look in my eye now tbh. My mums noticed it and my doctor says when you've been through an extremely traumatic experience you get this look in your eye. Soldiers get it when they've been to war but there's is a lot more noticeable. I have it and people have actually mentioned it to me. Since I got the jumper/shirts to wear people understand now why i have it. They know the concert. They know 70% of ticket holders were in the attack. Therefore they get it all now. I don't get funny looks. I'm not hating on people that have bought it that weren't there. Thanks for giving money. I just don't understand why it was available. And idk maybe something else could have been made available instead of the exact stuff. People also only got the white jumper bc Ariana wore it. I'll look at my jumper in 5 years and have memories. Others won't and probably won't even still be wearing it

just renewed my adoption for this little one 🐨

lol no one will do this but i'm off to bed

hi. sorry to be a pain. please could you RT this tweet. the link is in my bio. The more people see it the more chance i have


I was wondering. At 10:30pm UK time so 3 hour and 12 minutes could you do a minutes silence with me. Where you don't post or like anything for just 1 minute. 10:30pm marks one whole month since the explosion at manchester arena. You all know how I feel about that I don't need to repeat myself

ok i'm a bit. idk wary? of posting this (2nd photo) but i'm guessing this is the side of terrorist attacks the media doesn't show. Since it's a month to the day i'm posting this. The bomb happened 10:30pm. As you can see. Nearly an hour later we still didn't know what was happening. Sat in a hotel with no idea what was going on. No-one was giving me news updates even though I asked. The hotel wouldn't turn up the tv that had the news on. We got told it was 1, a balloon popping 2, a speaker fault 3, a gun and 4, a harmless bomb with orange smoke. I could smell burning when we got pushed out but didn't know what to think. The ground shook so it can't have been a gun. But when your heads everywhere you can't think straight. After we'd been told people had died. Which we found out from the news. We got told they'd been crushed to death in the arena due to the pushing. Turns out everything we got told was stories and not true. Obviously the media just wants to get the correct story straight out there but leaving the victims/witnesses clueless also isn't fair at all. We just been involved in all that. I understand there's a lot of people to tell and the people needing a hospital are obviously priority. Just some sort of rough idea. Security guards ignoring people asking questions bc they're too busy pushing people out of the arena and stopping them going to the crime scene. obviously again i understand why though. and nothing can change now. But people never think that the people involved are clueless at that point. Every time i see stuff on the news i assume everyone knows. Being in this made me see it a different way tbh

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