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crazy to think this time last year I was still on my way home from Manchester. Still crying and now, fast forward a year, I’ve just got home. I’m safe. I’m happy. I’ve had an amazing day.

i finally met @thirlwallhq and @sweet.like_ari (sorry i didn’t talk much Abi) Such a shame it was under these circumstances. But thank you for being so lovely. Miss you already 💛

exactly 1 year. RIP angels 💔


i love you so much @arianagrande

1 year 💔

i’m aware that this is a day early. But tonight marks exactly 52 weeks since the most horrific night of mine and many other people’s lives. We went to enjoy Arianas concert and it ended so tragically. I might do a post tomorrow for the actual day but people are now starting to post about it and will be tomorrow too and personally it’s upsetting me so i’m going to try spend time away from it. I just want to use this as a thank you post. @citywinona Tayler, we don’t talk anymore. But I’ll always remember you. You stayed talking to me until 6am my time and kept me sane through all of it. I honestly cannot thank you enough. @beckadrury i say thank you to you a lot. You’re one of my closest friends 💛 @sweet.like_ari @thirlwallhq you guys are so supportive and helpful and i hope i see you both tomorrow 🐝 I’m running out of space but literally every single person that has messaged me and been so lovely to me. Thank you so so much. I appreciate it more than you know 💛

do i watch 13 reasons? all my friends say it’s really good but then people online say it’s not

anyone already been to Ed Sheerans stadium show this year

stolen Scarlett’s story but omg 😭


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