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were sat with Christmas music on and my mum goes. I want to see Mariah. So I told her she’s in Leeds tomorrow and she just goes. BOOK IT IM NOT GOING TO SEE HER AGAIN. guess I’m seeing Mariah Carey tomorrow. I’m well excited

After Manchester I refused to set foot back in the arena. But I did it, even if I’m still scared 18 months on. I just booked tickets for a show 3 days after the 2 year anniversary. Honestly so proud of myself. I am scared and I won’t enjoy the show as much as I want to. But I’m doing it. I’ve gone downhill after my therapy sessions. I feel like I’m back to the start. I refuse to let it stop me though. Hopefully a show so close to 22nd May will help me more than I think 🤷🏼‍♀️

she’s so stunning. Congrats on your face @annemarie


Sorry but 5 shows aren’t needed in the same city. 3 was enough. They literally haven’t included wales in the uk tour. Which is part of the uk 🤷🏼‍♀️. Still haven’t released international dates that were promised. They said they want to do America this tour. They’re gonna make themselves ill again 🙄

got my mums Christmas present!!

mine arrived 🙋🏼‍♀️ deffo wearing this to their show in May. The money went to a great cause 🥰

Look what arrived @annemarie

My followers are the best. I love you guys

best post to receive after a holiday. (Jesys signature is on there)

a solid 9 with a smidge of 8

my nails are the same colour as her dress and she loved that. She loved my ears too. So worth the wait and a great way to end this trip to Disney

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