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jess  22.05.17 💔

on my tattoo. do i get MR 17 for manchester. or AG 17 for ari

spoke to my mum about my tattoo. she's going to get one with me. we're getting matching ones. and she came up with the cutest idea ever

i'm off to the doctors and to talk to a psychologist so i'll be online later 🙂 bye guys

i've kept this inside all day. But i need to get it out. The full list of victims that died has been released and as I feared. I know some people I know 3 people. We weren't close at all. It's just heartbreaking. They're in my thoughts 💔

honestly everyone can unfollow me. i'm past being done

sorry but i really dislike the outfits for power

i'm sat at work crying i just want to go home

literally had like no food in 48 hours and i'm not even hungry

the queen is an angel for visiting the victims and talking to them at the hospital.

i've said it before if me talking about monday annoys people just unfollow me. I don't care. I can't help this. I've been told to just let it out when I can and this is the easiest way. In no way am I attention seeking like 'oh i was there feel sorry for me'. i'm not like that and i hate attention if i'm honest. that's why i'm not replying to comments i'm not reading them, because i don't want attention. I just have to let it out. I'm alone for 5 hours today and I've already cried twice within the first hour because i can't cope. I have PTSD and my mum thinks it's getting serious now. So please if i post and you don't like it simply unfollow me because i can't help it it's the only way i can let it out

im on the verge of crying i just want to go home

a man handed me this today and it's honestly something i'm keeping forever

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