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Jim Harris  Paralyzed 3yrs ago and I've had an unlikely recovery • @adidasterrex

Calling all backcountry and adventure film makers! @winterwildlandsalliance is accepting your projects for @backcountryfilmfestival til Sept 1
Photo: I’m proud of those tidy switchbacks in the Purcells, BC
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Happy lil clouds

Sunset or sunrise? Definitely one or the other. Details from those 11 sleep deprived days are hard to disambiguate. Not sure when I’ve felt lonelier than I did at points, nor when I’ve had so many wonderful hours-long conversations with strangers. Burning Man is such a fantastic and fantastical event. Thanks for including me @deepcreekexp. I think I get it. Kinda

Floated some laps on Numbers section of the Arkansas yesterday. Pine Creek might be the most difficult rapid I’ve paddled since my injury. The rest was splashy good times. Even when I swam and lost a shoe. Glad Thor chased it down because they’re super nice river kicks from @adidasterrex with sticky rubber, drain holes, and a neoprene cuff to keep the gravel out. Thanks for the vid, Blevins
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Always a challenge to not overwork it. Which I suppose is true for most everything I take on in life

Hatching plans for back to back wilderness paddling trips 🤞
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One of the best of many powder piggy days in the Wasatch started with watching Howie try to thumb a garbage truck, then almost ended before it started when @bencpeters realized his binding had been mismounted at REI the night before and remounted it on the skin track. Then about 12k’ of wallowing later he sent a 30 footer that was more like 60ft to landing (with aforementioned field remounted Dynafit)
After hitchhiking up to flagstaff, think the progression was Oingo boingo, main days, banana days, B&H, followed someone’s skin track up Catchers Mitt, which we weren’t planning to ski but Ben started eyeing this cliff. It was almost certainty one of the times one of us said “Well, it’d be rude not to...” Then back up and over Kessler and down Bengal Tiger before the hitchhike down
I miss having the horsepower to pack days that full. And then to do it again the next day and the one after that. But real grateful for all the euphoric magic mountain wandering memories

0:00:03 less daylight today. But 5:29:32 more than six months from now
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“Yeti’s Slowest Ambassador” is the title I’ve claimed on @yeticycles site. Maybe one day, with lots of practice, this motion blur will get blurrier 😂
Photo: @michaelcbstevens
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First ride I’ve carried a camera pack in long time. But this footage was all shot by @andrewtaylormtb. Thanks for the follow cam, dude!
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We have 15 hours of sun right now and still running out of daylight to do all the things
📸: @michaelcbstevens
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@andrewtaylormtb and I met to ride bikes a few weeks ago and he made a fun edit of the week in CO. I’m in the moments where wheels are on the ground. Full video link in his bio
Andrew is on a mission to ride in each of the 50 states for a week this year. Even as a guy with the internet moniker “perpetual weekend”, he’s got an enviable schedule. Check out his his rowdy riding and Jedi bike skills: @andrewtaylormtb .
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