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Ron Perlman  A Groucho Marxist; Whatever it is, I'm against it!!

Repost from @quincydjones using @RepostRegramApp - Frank Sinatra. His name alone still carries more weight than a freight train & I've yet to meet another soul like him. In all the years we worked together, we never once had a contract...just a straight up handshake. And unlike many others during the 50's & 60's, race wasn't a chasm he had to cross...If he asked you to be onstage with him, you were out front with him. He wasn't about trying to put the "colored people" in the back. There was no gray to the man. He was hip, straight up, & straight ahead...& above all, a monster musician. I'll never forget the day in '64 when Francis called me to ask if I'd be willing to arrange & conduct the Basie band for his album. I said "Man...is pig booty pork??!?? Puhhleeeze!" So, he flew me out to Kauai where he was directing "None but the Brave," & he sat me down in his office to explain what we needed to do. In the middle of the convo, he got on the phone & called a military friend at the Pentagon. He said "I'm shooting a picture & it'd be great if you could arrange to have the Pacific fleet ease by here tomorrow so we could film them in the background." The next day, the Pacific fleet eased on by...That's simply the type of guy he was & he had the type of influence that only he could possess. Francis & I had a connection that was out of this world...Literally. Buzz Aldrin played the recording of my arrangement of Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" with the Count Basie Band, in outer space, making it the first song ever to be played on the moon...It's a very special bond. But beyond our musical connection, we were family. Plain & simple. He left me his ring that bears his family crest, & I haven't taken it off since. Francis, I miss U more every day, but I'll never forget the beautiful times we shared...Happy Birthday!! I know you're probably still throwin' cherry bombs in the toilet! ((:0))
📸: MPTV Images // David Sutton

Still from a very cool book called Shades Of Elvis. Cuz, you guessed it, everybody in it is wearing Elvis’ shades!
Catchy, right?

Havin a lovely visit with me dear olde mum! Who sez hello!

Repost from @shawnamcgee_ny using @RepostRegramApp - And this administration doesn’t believe in global warming. This is a polar bear starving to death because he can’t get food. Beyond sad.😪 so what are we going to do to save the world? #resist #natgeo

The rare Flananigan bird, only found in the wildest of wild New Jersey.
Aka @tommyflanaganofficial

Happy Birthday, Sam! Miss ya...
Repost from @sinatragram using @RepostRegramApp - “Sammy Davis Jr. is one of the world’s most gifted entertainers and one of the most successful. I’ve known him intimately since he was a child performer traveling the vaudeville and club circuit with his uncle and father and living out of trunks. My affection for Sammy reaches beyond his great talent and touches human qualities that would move me regardless of who possessed them. He would be my friend if he were the humblest artisan or a penniless panhandler. He’s that kind of a human being. Of course, our friendship has grown because we have such a lot in common. Sammy and I have many friends and interests in common.” - Frank Sinatra; @ebonymagazine
Remembering the late and great Sammy Davis, Jr. Born on this day in 1925
{📸: @ebonymagazine; 1958 }
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Repost from @thebullitts using With director Jeymes Samuel and a whole bunch ‘o G’s. RepostRegramApp - LEGACY on set

#444 #JayZ #Legacy

Repost from @theorossi using @RepostRegramApp - What’s happening in California is absolutely devastating on all levels. Was my home for a bunch of years and a lot of the places being affected I’d hung my hat at one point. Please stay safe everyone.
PLEASE keep your pets safe and bring them inside. If you have to evacuate, and for some reason cannot bring your pets with you, please give them a fair chance. Don’t lock them inside or leave them tied up. Also be thoughtful of the animals out in the wilderness. Something as simple as leaving out a few buckets of water means a lot. Thanks for reading.
Peace & Power
#ForestFire #HelpTheWildlife #PrayForCali

My moment of Zen...

You’ll find your life is still worthwhile,
If you,

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