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Agueda Sofia  Donde me encuentras

Over 6,000 ft above sea level & he still looks like he’s trying to catch a wave. Have a great day at work love, missing you already 🌻

Keep pushing. Sigan luchando. Sending love, support and care to all those that walked out today & stood against our lack of gun reform. We see you.
Our teacher deserve more. Our students deserve more. We can do better 🌱✨pc: @eastsidecafela

1 complaint- my head is about to explode but overall fairly satisfied. God put flower people on earth for a reason. This rose keeps making my days 🌱

Today I got to spend the day with the love of my life 🌲
Took this picture post taking a moment to breath after recognizing the way I am very negative toward myself for the simplest of things & how that negativity affects those around me. I am growing and like a tree, each year ill get a new little ring of layer of growth.
The bad and the good will coexist to survive and together we will move forward.
Feeling grateful. I’m glad Me gave Me a chance ✨

-🌱- sofie

Happy birthday to the sexy little mama in the middle! Not only do I have the pleasure to work with her but she has become a very important friend in my life. You got a fire in you & this is only the beginning 🔥
You are so so loved 😘

Really missing my buds right now but I know we will be together again soon. You are magic, you are light ✨

Some of my best company has been the flower people ✨ #muirthings

Gratitude in Magenta
“I am art” - me when I feel good. “Remember, you’re art” - me right now. -
Moment harnessed by artist @susan._.hernandez.

After my second trial, I have decided I will be taking more time to take pictures instead of diving into each round of all-you-can-eat. Hoping the picture time will also serve as digestion time & I can eat another roll 🤤
Also, these girls have kept me so motivated & supported at work. They also think they are pretty funny too so we all laugh at our own jokes, together 💕

“All bodies of water dance with the rhythm of the moon”

It felt so right to get this shirt when I saw it at Mujeres Market. Thank you @lalobalocashares for your energy, time & work. Our paths crossed for a reason. Yesterday, I took some time to walk around & find a spot for a little photo shoot. I looked pretty good ✨ —

I have been estranged from my body for a long time for many different reasons I’m barely figuring out. i wrote a post that turned into a long rant that is now saved in my notes. I don’t know if I will read it, share it, delete it, paint it, forget about it. And I’m okay with that. Trying to find patience for others & today I’m finding it for myself. 🙏🏼🌱

Tried taking those cute kissing pics everyone has & quickly realized we just aren’t everyone. He also burped up our lovely dinner mid-way 😝
Been contemplating what pictures I post of my love & I & what context I post them in. I love using my social media for me but I can’t be naive that the images & words we use do not have influence to someone. Often times relationships are only what you see on your social media feed & our expectations can become superficial & harmful to ourselves & those around us. I will never find enough words to explain the labor of love we both take for our individual growth & the labor of love for our relationship. Love yourself & love those around you. Feliz día de amor y amistad. No hay nada más grande que el Amor. Eres mi favorito Brandon 💕

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