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Drew League  I'm literal hipster trash but I'm funny sometimes. RIT'21 🐯


I have cried exactly five times since I've been on campus. (I have been here six days...) Four of those times were today.
I am sleep deprived, homesick, physically sick, stressed, exhausted, and to top it all off? I have a sick service dog.
But honestly? I am SO grateful for the people I've met already and the cops on campus. The cops have driven me back to my dorm twice. Once because I had to move my car across campus and was in too much pain to walk all the way back. And the other time (today) because I parked my car across campus and started to walk back to my dorm with three bags of food and pizza when Rigby (service dog) decided to just lay down and refuse to move. (A friend from #cReatIviTy aka #discoveRIT called them because I was crying I the middle of campus... I'm #classy ) the cop from today not only drove me back to near where my dorm was, but then walked with me to the building and then to my room and carried my bags of food. She was so nice and you could tell she really cares about her job and keeping people safe and happy. Might call #RITcampussafety and leave her a word of praise. #rit #newtiger #nso #ritnso17 #ritnso #videounrelated #happy

I found this on the internet but whatever.
I leave for college Friday... whaaaattttt????

I want a girl with lips like morphine,
Knock me out every time they touch me.
I wanna feel a kiss just crush me,
And break me down.
#lipslikemorphine #killhannah #kissing #cute #anarchy #anarchist #makeup #motd #ootd #fishnets #pleather #skirt #tanktop

I met you in No Man's Land
Across the wire we were holding hands
Hearts a-bubble in the rubble
It was love at bomb site
#barbedwirelove #stifflittlefingers #lyrics #wecute #shecute #wegotpridehats #cute #friends #bestfriends #friendgoals

Still going strong @hennabyholly32

Hey everyone. As many of you know, I'm in #romania with #ivhqromania #care2travel
However, I need some suggestions from my photographer friends! I'm looking into getting a new camera for school either this school year or next. What are your favorites? @sameddin_photographer @vincerenoel @phocatgraphy @thewonderpiggy

Henna credit of @hennabyholly32

Abracado #pun

Like this if I can draw you.

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