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Brian T. Young DDS MS  ——————————————————— Implants | 3rd Molars | IV Sedation Bone and Tissue Reconstruction ——————————————————— Jacksonville • Florida


3D Ridge Augmentation after work-related accident. Patient history involves cutting rebar under tension- when he got through it the rebar snapped back into his lower jaw and he lost both alveolus and teeth. After initial trauma treatment and 3 months healing he presented for augmentation. Options were block grafts or DBM grafting. Principals of treatment: 1) clean bone base, 2) mobile flap without tension (had to elevate beyond floor of mouth), 3) rapid acceleration with 1/4 round holes through cortical plate, 4) membrane stabilization, and most importantly-- 5) no tension and pressure on the grafting during healing. Implant placement after 6 months healing. Note on the second image the reconstruction of the residual alveolar ridge in both height and width. Implants placed at #22,24,26 to support a fixed implant bridge— noted type 2 density. Final image is uncovering today. Implants noted to have integrated fully into dense bone ready to support the zirconia restoration. #dentalimplants #bonegraft #ridgeaugmentation #implants #straumann #dentalimplant

Atrophic maxillary arch. Knife-edge residual alveolar ridge is being augmented by block bone grafts secured with screws. After 4 months of integration, implant placement to support a maxillary hybrid is possible. Uncover and restore 6 months later #dentalimplants #ridgeaugmentation #blockgraft #boneloss

Failing implants and missing premolar with minimal alveolar bone above the inferior alveolar nerve. Previous dentist removed #29 and grafted- however only 5mm of bone was present above the canal. Txt plan: remove implants, vertical block augmentation, implants #30,31 with anterior cantilever #29. #blockgraft #ridgeaugmentation #dentalimplants

Ramus autogenous bone block harvested with a surgical piezo. The graft is tried in the recipient site and modified to fit, then rounded on all edges to prevent flap perforation. #blockgraft #ramusgraft #ridgeaugmentation #oralsurgery #dentalimplants

Juvederm XC to treat deep nasolabial lines. Simple in-office treatment without pain and minimal bruising. #juvedermxc #nasolabial #lookyounger #filler

Maxillary sinus augmentation. Extraction of #12 and #14 with simultaneous sinus left and immediate implant placement. Note the sinus membrane has been lifted from the bone floor and space exists beneath (waiting for implants and bone graft) during airflow movement. #sinus #bonegraft #oralsurgery #dentalimplant #dentistry #perioimplantservices

Minimally invasive root coverage. Top photo show limited gingival recession. Middle photo is the incision-less gingival augmentation. Bottom photo is a post-healing stable gingival graft. Love this job!!! #periodontics #gumgraft #pinholegumrejuvenation #perioplasticsurgery

Patient was seen yesterday for sinus augmentation and implant #14. CBCT was taken and the pan view revealed a density on the right side distal to the mandible. This view is consistent with carotid artery plaques/calcification. The patient was referred to immediate doppler sonogram and vascular surgery consult. Typically when you see this the calcifications are much smaller. The top calcification appears to be filling the carotid almost completely. Will update this case next with. Love this job! #carotidartery #stroke #periodontist

Dental cripples have no way to wear a stable denture. This patient has worn a maxillary full denture for 25+ years. Alveolar atrophy and flabby tissue prevented her comfort and stability with her existing denture. Block onlay grafts placed bilaterally to eventually support 4 maxillary implants and a maxillary overdenture. #dentalimplants #bonegraft #oralsurgery #implants #blockgraft #boneaugmentation #overdenture

Thirty-minute procedure. No incisions or sutures. The bottom image is immediately after the procedure was performed! This stable graft will consolidate and mature over 6 months and yield a thick band of dense connective tissue to protect the bone beneath. #rootcoverage #chaopinhole #periodontics #gumgraft #gumrecession

Full mouth, full arch minimally invasive tissue augmentation. No incisions or sutures. With traditional techniques this would have taken multiple procedures over a long period of time. This stable graft will consolidate and mature over 6 months and yield a thick band of dense connective tissue to protect the bone beneath. #makedentistrygreatagain #chaopinhole #periodontics #gumgraft

Difficult recession case. Previous graft failure with scar tissue. Millers Class IV recession (recession beyond the MGJ and interproximal bone loss). Pinhole minimally invasive augmentation. Small pinhole see in the mucosa above #3. Immediate after photo seen below. No incisions. #biogide #pinhole #periodontics #gumgraft #rootcoverage #perioimplantservices

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