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@thewizofauz , @squishiepuss your murals are dope ✨🌻


Dangerously In Love (longer version lol) by Beyonce ❣️💍


Hi, my name is Payton April Moore. I am 17 years young still trying to find myself. As a child i wasn't always to sure of myself. I had friends, who weren't really my friends, who knocked me down for being me. For being "too kind, loving, and generous." For a period of time my confidence was really low. Although confidence comes within, at that time i let the judgement of others define me. Shortly after that period of time I went to a little private school where i met the most beautiful people in this world, including God. I learned that God wanted me to come as i am and that's exactly what i did. Over the years my confidence constantly builds. Thanks to my inspirations- @zendaya , @tyrabanks , my mother, my amazing followers, and many other exceptional women. I've found my reasoning of living on this earth: Find self-love and keep it despite of what others may say or think, spread love to every and anybody you come across, leave a mark on this world, and discover your inner-peace. I chose these pictures because these are the purest forms of me. No makeup, no straightened hair, nothing. I'm making this post to show that whoever is going through the stage that i went through that everything gets better. You're not alone. There are people who love and appreciate every aspect of you. I found this beautiful hashtag from a great friend of mine, @jalenthemangoman 💓. This is my #millennialmindset . What's yours?🌻✨

Happy Mother's Day to the one who made every dream come true, the one who pushes me to my full potential, my first love ❤️

Get You by @danielcaesar ✨💕

a little of sunday morning by maroon 5 😂💜

Butterflies by @aliciakeys 🔐

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wish the whole pic fit

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