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Jazz🤘🏾  Youtuber|SC:perfectlaughss 📧

Tell that girl i'm sorry i'm already married💍

It's only one of me bby😘

She fallin in love now losing control now🤤

I'm from Little Rock where the summer nights can get real cold🤞🏾

He hate me cause he coming in second🤢

Can't wait till I get rich so y'all can tell me that I'm selfish😚

Jazz why you do me like that I just want a lul love💔

Cause baby I can't fall for just anything🤤

I'm acting bad all summer17😼

Lul baby I can do this shit with no effort🤤

Ya'll really support the kidd!! Half a million subscribers! Getting that milli by the end of the year...just come back to this post when I hit it🤤#UpNext

She came with you but left with me😘

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