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Patrice Nash 

Red Light Special .... what stuck in traffic looks like. #atltraffic

Thank you Lord. No one knows what a person is going through. But when the storm settles, the ones that were there for you were for you. I am so much better today than this time last year. #mytestimony #prosperity #mygod

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Work Life Balance!!!

This dude is one of the coolest, funniest, reserved, fake quiet guys I know. He is not easily influenced and definitely lives by his own rules. People forget I have a son because of how much he is unfazed but I promise my son is my heartbeat. We fight and laugh all in one conversation. #mytwin #dietomyride #nationalsonday

I have a thousand reasons why this little human makes me a better person. She is outgoing, loving and truly becoming her own person. #nationaldaughterday #myminime #myridetomydie



Happy 10th anniversary to US the Nash’s. Today we celebrate 10 years of good, bad, funny and cries together. We have been tested in ways that some would have folded. But because of our love and God’s will we have only become stronger.

On the road to recovery. #healthystart

Mary wants her hair braided. Welp guess I will do it myself.

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