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Sliding into the weekend like these cherries are sliding into the mill!🍒🙌Tag a friend you would like visit origin with! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @dokrns

“Terroir” comes from French and is most used, in English, when talking about wine🍷But when we speak about agriculture, it gets more complex☕Find out why👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

What is terroir and why does It matter?🤔We've reached out to several leaders in the coffee and wine industries to answer this questions☕Find out what they had to say👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @fernandacacha

Terroir: a term we hear more and more often when talking about coffee☕But, why should coffee-lovers, baristas, roasters, producers, and more care about it?🤔Read on and find out👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @fernandacacha

Terroir: we hear it more and more often when talking about coffee. But what does this mysterious word mean?⛰We eached out to several leaders in the coffee and wine industries to answer all this questions☕Read on to discover what we found out👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @fernandacacha

Blind cupping is different from regular cupping in that you don’t know anything about the coffee you’re tasting☕Read on and discover how to conduct a blind or double-blind cupping👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Do you have to be a coffee roaster to conduct a blind cupping? Absolutely not!🙌All you have to be is someone passionate about coffee, keen to improve your palate or increase your appreciation for our favourite beverage☕Read on to find out what blind cupping is and how you can do it👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @joelandrewphotography

Blind cupping won’t just help you to accurately score coffees. It will also reveal your personal biases and test your taste buds☕So, let’s take a look at what it is and how you can do it👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: Maren Barbee

You might think you’re objectively evaluating the coffees on your cupping table – but, chances are, you’re not. Your expectations and personal biases will always impact the scores you’re giving☕The only solution? Blind cupping😉Read on and discover what blind cupping is and how can you do it👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @skinnydiver

In honor to #WorldDownSyndromeDay we are wearing mismatched socks! 💙💛☕️ #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @anac_valencia7

"I can’t tell you how to get rich quick. But I can tell you some of the things I’ve learned about how to start a specialty coffee business with almost no funding"☕Read on and discover👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Starting a specialty coffee shop with little funding is hard. But you’re up for the challenge. Wake up knowing you love what you do☕Work for you – because you know best what your business needs😉Discover keys to start your business with almost no funding👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @unchartedcoffee.co

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