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A barista’s technical skills, from grinder calibration to recipe manipulation, are of critical importance – but we all know there’s more to being a great barista☕Let us take you through the signs that a person is well-suited to the role of a barista👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Emotional intelligence, team-orientation, meticulousness and flexibility are personality traits from a great barista to mention a few☕Discover how to hire good baristas in today's article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @toolboxplus

Staying friendly and chatty all day long, every day, takes a certain kind of person. A good barista will thrive off social interactions, know how to put customers at ease, and make a café feel like a home away from home☕Discover more about the personal traits of a good barista👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @marshallsteeves for @upperleftroasters

There’s more to being a barista than just making great coffee and one of the keys to building a good team in a café is spoting those people with the right personality and behaviours☕Learn more about the personal traits of a good barista in today's article!👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @thibaut_octave for @lepelotoncafe

Starting a coffee farm from the ground up comes with its own challenges. However in Colombia it may be the answer for crop conversion from coca to coffee🌱🇨🇴Read more on ow the FARC Peace Deal affects farmers👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

It may take a lifetime for Colombia to completely distance itself from the world of cartels and cocaine, but if the country is known for anything else, it is their coffee. Could specialty coffee be an alternative to coca?🇨🇴🌱Find out in today's article!👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Can farming specialty coffee be an alternative to coca in Colombia? The Colombian government is investing significant financial resources into conversion programs, paying coca farmers to replace their plants. Read more on how FARC Peace Deal affects farmers🌱👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: Brendon Maxwell

Last year, a peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels went into effect, ending over 50 years of warfare. With news that the armed conflict, is finally over, many producers know they will no longer be able to farm the profitable coca plant used to produce cocaine. Discover whether crops such as coffee can really provide an adequate income for them in today's article🌱👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Although specialty coffee is growing slowly in Paraguay, there is clear progress.Consumers are looking for professional baristas, different brew methods, and high-quality coffee☕Read more about this growth in today's article!🇵🇾👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Paraguay's third wave pioneers are working hard to show consumers that coffee is more than just a drink – and that knowing the story behind the coffee makes for an even better experience☕🇵🇾Discover this country's thirst for specialty coffee👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @merciisespinola

Passion for coffee is growing among consumers in Paraguay. However, introducing consumers to quality coffee is still a challenge coffee shops face☕Discover Paraguay’s growing thirst for specialty coffee in today's article🇵🇾👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

Paraguay isn’t well-known in the specialty coffee world.Yet slowly but surely, things are changing☕Learn all about Paraguay’s growing thirst for specialty coffee in today's article!👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @maryscoffeehouse

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