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Want to improve your coffee brewing? Go back to basics. Make sure you understand extraction, agitation, and pulse pouring. Master the differences between pour over and immersion. Discover tips for coffee brewing in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @anac_valencia7

Coffee brewing can get pretty technical – and the better you want your coffee to be, the more technical you should get. Fortunately, Chris Kornman of Royal Coffee has agreed to break down the key concepts. Read his advice in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @a.frieds

Pour over/infusion, immersion, espresso: what’s YOUR favourite? Why? And do you know the main differences in how these brew types extract? Read all about it in today’s article, along with other key coffee concepts👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @zacharyakelley

Love the flavor of strong coffee, but dislike the viscous mouthfeel? Add a little water post-brewing! “Bypassing” is a great way to tweak your coffee recipe. Learn more ways to improve your coffee brewing in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @aryanjoshani

Can barista schools provide career paths for marginalized and vulnerable people living in poverty? We spoke to one non-profit barista foundation to find out👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @anac_valencia7

Can coffee shops create careers for young adults living in poverty? Disengaged youths? People with disabilities or without homes? Find out about the barista foundations and apprenticeships doing just that in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @taylorlaitsch

Barista training schools: do you have any near you? Have you attended any? Would you attend them if you had the opportunity? Let us know your thoughts! And check out today’s article on a non-profit barista foundation👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: Andrés Carvajal via @arteypasioncafe

27.8% of Colombia’s population lived in poverty in 2015. For Arte y Pasión Café, a barista foundation could be the solution. Find out how they turned coffee into a career for young adults and teens in the poorest areas of Bogota👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @arteypasioncafe

Expanding your coffee shop means balancing the old and the new. You want to create the same atmosphere, but tweaked for a new location. You want your brand to be recognisable, but you also want to improve it. Discover advice for achieving this in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @anac_valencia7

Café owners, are you considering expanding? We interviewed Khaled Almadi, who recently successfully expanded his café Elixir Bunn, to find out his tips👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @elixirbunn

Expanding your coffee house is an opportunity to improve. Do your baristas get frustrated by the shop layout? You can design a better one in your new location. Read more in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @anac_valencia7

Expanding your coffee house? A new location means a new demographic of customers, and so you might have to consider some tweaks to your service and menu. Discover more tips in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: Megrin Almajhadi via @elixirbunn

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