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percyandarchie  Welcome to our daily mischief! Percy💛food & outdoors, Archie💛company & hugs. Tell us apart yet? Purrfect! First comment on each post sets the scene 😉

Percy's spent so long in the blanket today, it's started moulding to his shape!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😲

"Sulking! Been to the Vets (again) this time for 'annual check and vaccinations'??? Archie and I are not happy and think tuna is in order to restore happiness and balance!! (Like if you agree😉)."

Supper time Lady!

These whiskers aren't venturing very far this #whiskerswednesday! 😉🤣

Bunny feet! 😉

Archie... Hasn't moved for hours! #comfy

Percy in playful mode.

#Monday jobs, eh Percy?!😉🤣

"Ah, a lovely cheese pizza all for me!" Err Archie, how shall I say this....😳

Cat kisses 😉

Finders keepers, eh Archie?!😻😉

Pretend Mouse, real Percy!😉 Happy #sunday all! 💐 Tag your friends, and spread the percyandarchie love 💛😊?