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Adam O'Neal  Farmer, artist, healer of soil, cutter of flowers, and eater of food. Tending 20 acres nestled amongst the covered bridges of Madison County, Iowa.


Flower farming on a slope. It's cool to see how the gardens have become terraced as we work them. It's been a slow process to make good decisions on how and where to work our land but we've been happy the results.

Gomphrena with accompanying weeds. I used to loathe picking through and harvesting this flower until I just started grabbing the whole thing at the base and cutting the entire plant. Now it's a breeze! 🍑

Tuesday is in the books. @pepperharrow_flowers and I are busy this week prepping for Yoga on the Farm. A few hundred people will converge upon the farm for a weekend of yoga, music, and camping πŸŽΆβ›ΊοΈToday was a lot of farm clean up and bush hogging getting tent sites ready for campers. All sorts of things happening to pretty up the farm before this weekend! @goodvibesyogis

Using some leftovers from our design class to make a bucket arrangement for the local nursing home. 🌸🌺
#dahlias #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #iowaflowers #timelapse

Just a taste of what we have in store for tonight's Dahlia design workshop here on the farm. @pepperharrow_flowers Story coming soon! #dahlia 🌸
#flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #farmerflorist #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #iowagrown #iowaflowers #design

This is the face of the September farmer. Well, me that is. Tired, weary, and sleep deprived. I shaved about once a month this summer and chopped on my own hair with scissors because I never had time to go for a proper haircut. βœ‚οΈ My language this time of year has a few more f-bombs slipping out and I'm maybe possibly kinda a little bit more salty (not really, I'm nice). I'm pretty much fueled on a combination of gas station pizza, hummus, and soda of varying flavors. If you saw me at an event this year chances are that I cleaned up for that using the hose. Farming has been the most epic challenge ever. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sometimes it can feel like an Everest of a march. But you know what? It's a full life. This crazy life we have also includes beautiful sunrises and sunsets πŸŒ…, watching our kids be wild and free, and of course a cold beer any dang time I please. People say 'what a dream life you must live'. With a statement like that some farmers immediately think of all the hard work of farming and while it is indeed an insane amount of work, through all the seeds not seeded, plants not planted, and equipment broken this life IS a dream and I'm am so grateful to be living it and so thankful to be sharing it with you. #dudesandblooms 🌸 πŸ“Έ: @pepperharrow_flowers 🌺
#flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #iowaflowers #iowagrown #iowa #iowafarm

Perfectly imperfect orange zinnia. 🍊 Am I the only one out there that has a thing for orange flowers? As far as favorite colors go orange is pretty much down there at the bottom. I don't think that I really like orange anything. I mean, if I were having a nightmare about being chased by a car I'm certain that it would be painted some evil orange hue. But orange flowers? That's another thing. There's something just so pop about them and they totally brighten a room. Sure it doesn't have the elegance of a 'Cafe' but i think it can be the life of party just the same. So I suppose the short of it is that I planted a lot of orange flowers this year. 🍊🌺🌸 #rambling 🌸

#flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #iowaflowers #iowagrown #zinnia #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #dudesandblooms

This week's bouquets are brought to you by Color. Color, the thing that adds variety to visual life. Enjoy more color in your life with Color. βœ¨πŸ’•
#flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #iowaflowers #iowagrown #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #farmerflorist #dudesandblooms

Sunset dahlia deadheading with my leading lady @pepperharrow_flowers πŸ¦„ 🌸
#flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #dahlias #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance #iowagrown #iowaflowers #iowafarm #iowa

Oh these not quite fall but totally fall days. Every part of me loves this time of year except my allergies. Sometimes they get so bad I think I need to wear a Darth Vader helmet. You never hear Vader sniffing or sneezing or coughing. I bet that helmet is really good for allergies. Anywho, I'm rambling so I'll just leave you with these gorg zinnias from this past weekends workshop with @pepperharrow_flowers. 🌸
#flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #iowaflowers #iowagrown #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance

Sweet shot of our dahlias ruined by a danged organza bag. πŸ™„βœ¨

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