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Adam & Jenn • Farmer/Florists  A boutique flower farm located in the heart of Iowa nestled amongst the Covered Bridges of Madison County. Wedding Florals • Wholesale • Farm Events

#Fridayintroductions - This is my first intro so bear with me here. Hi! I’m Adam and along with my wife Jenn @pepperharrow_flowers we run this little flower farm here in Madison County, Iowa. We moved to the farm in 2011 and have been slowly growing this little place of beauty ever since. Our farm is 20 acres which sits on a bluff overlooking Middle River Valley. We grow a few acres of flowers as well as grow much our own food and raise our own animals. 🌸

I’m originally from south Louisiana, born in Slidell and raised in a little crabbing town called Lacombe. My backyard was a swampy wildlife preserve and I used to take a pirogue across the bayou to visit my friends. The number one question I get is, “Where’s your accent?” Well, I don’t know, I just don’t have one. As much as I’d like to sound like @harryconnickjr... I wasn’t blessed with that smooth southern roux of an accent. 💜💛💚🦀 The lovely @pepperharrow_flowers is originally from Iowa and we met by way of Colorado where she was attending CU. We met at the coffee shop where she worked while in school. I would come in and quietly order my coffee while staring at the floor because she was way too beautiful for me to talk to. Luckily for me Jenn is not shy at all and broke me out of my shell. 😂
Some oddball things you might not know about me-
•I enjoy all things space and quantum physics. Even though it’s mostly over my head, I enjoy listening to physics lectures. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking
•I’m an avid snowboarder. •I play the drums and was in a band throughout my 20’s. •I’m ordained. •I also use foul language. •My first job ever was at Baskin-Robbins. •My second job was a radio DJ for a classic rock radio station. (I got the job because one of the salesmen there wanted me to join his Amway club. I took the job and didn’t join.)
•Before we moved to Iowa, I worked in the Alaskan arctic in the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay. It was cool seeing polar bears, arctic foxes begging for food, and the herd of millions of migrating reindeer. •I like to collect blank notebooks and journals. •I love creating and building. 🌸
#meetyourfarmer #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #intro #flowers #iowaflowers #iowa #dudesandblooms #dadsweater

We’re thrilled to share our feature from the latest edition of @countrygardensmagazine with all of you! We spent a day with a talented team of people, flowering away, creating beautiful works of art. Our sincerest ‘thank you’ to the lovely, talented writer and friend, @dkprinzing of SLOW Flowers. Creative design and direction by the crazy-creative, @njc_studio. Stunning, gorgeous photography by @martyb360 and his amazingly talented assistant @rachelfromiowa . We’re absolutely awestruck by how beautiful the feature is and we hope you all love it too! 🌸 And a special thanks to our guest bride @mmaddiemae for shooting with us a week before your wedding!
#countrygardens #slowflowers #iowaflowers #pepperharrowfarm #flowerfarm

Collecting praying mantis egg sacks for release in the gardens. Or as I affectionately say-
Amassing my alien insect legion while they’re still in cryo-sleep who, when hatched, will no doubt unleash a veritable ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ upon the local insect population. That’s my hope anyway. 😂😳 #beneficialinsects #prayingmantis #littleshopofhorrors #iowa #insects

#tbt to stellar Iowa skies and sunflowers🌻 🌻
@pepperharrow_flowers and I are going to be planting roughly 150K more sunflowers this year for cutting so definitely looking forward to getting a few pictures of that! We’re also going to be putting in an additional 1/4 acre sunflower garden just for the bees 🐝 and birds 🐦 I bet our winter birds will enjoy it!
#sunflowers #summer #iowaflowers #iowa #midwest #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #iowagrown #bhgflowers

#waybackwednesday with some lovely June blooms. ✨🌸🌺
We’ll be at The Des Moines Botanical Garden this Saturday giving a talk on cut flower gardens along with @dogpatch_urban_gardens giving a talk on urban farming 🌿🌱🌸🌺 Come check it out!

#desmoinesbotanicalgarden #desmoines #urbangardens #iowa #flowers #juneblooms

Happy Tuesday! We’re in the middle of a little ice storm here so I’ll leave y’all with this beautiful sampler from last spring.✨
#flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #springdreaming #iowaflowers #iowagrown #iowa #midwest

Enjoying a mini vacay this weekend visiting my buddy @levitheperson in Colorado. I snapped this the day before I left when I was watering the ranuncs and prepping for @pepperharrow_flowers to plant this weekend. It was bitterly cold outside and the water was making it foggy in the hoop house but the camera didn’t pick it up. I still liked the shot though!
#vacation #hoophouse #ranunculus #flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #iowaflowers #iowa

One of the things @pepperharrow_flowers and I are looking forward to this year is an upgrade in delivery vehicles. 👍 We should’ve made the move last year but decided to make due and invest in other needs for the farm. You might be surprised to learn the a Toyota Matrix can hold a heck of a lot of flowers. 💐 I have dreams of cutting the roof and back off of the Matrix, building a little flatbed on the back and using it as a farm cart. I would call it the ‘Matrux’. Maybe someday. 🌸
#matrux #flowerfarm #flowerfarmer #iowaflowers #sunday #iowa #midwest

Current farm conditions are cold under a blanket of snow. ❄️ We’ve been receiving a lot of snow lately and it’s incredibly beautiful but I have to admit that this is a little bit of an ‘ugh’ time of year for me. I’m not the only one am I? It’s that time of year when you shake your fist at the sky and scream to the heavens, “Curse you groundhog! Your treachery runs deep!” Ya know, that time of year? Maybe it’s just me... I don’t know. But after a few deep breaths and counting to a thousand 😳 I always feel better. I always come back to Master Yoda’s teachings- "Patience you must have, my young Padawan." Totally, Yoda. 🤔 Hmmm, maybe I’ll cook a stew for the fam today. 🍲
Oh yes! And this beautiful nigella sky from last spring. I remember this day. It’s was lovely indeed. 🌸
#wintermusings #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #iowaflowers #nigella #madisoncounty #iowa

Presprouting ranunculus. 🌸
#spiral #timelapse #flowerfarm #ranunculus #iowaflowers

Exciting times today doing taxes and cooking gumbo. Woohoo!
Any who, here’s a harvest pic from one of our workshops this summer. Happy Sunday! #supersoulsunday
#taxes #deathandtaxes #flowerfarm #iowaflowers #iowagrown #iowa

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