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“In November of 2016, I received one of the worst diagnoses a woman can get: breast cancer. But thanks to Covered California, I'm able to get the quality medical care I need — without suffering financial harm. Thank God for the Affordable Care Act! As a 59-year old tax paying citizen who has worked for the last 43 years, I should not have to risk losing my health insurance because the premiums have skyrocketed due to my "pre-existing condition." That's what this terrible new GOP health care plan does to me and millions of others. Why does Congress protect its own from the cruel health care changes it's inflicting on hardworking Americans? How can this be our America?” —Barb, San Diego

Senate Republicans have pretty much no room for error as they try to rush through a health-care bill in the next week. Assuming no Democrats vote for this bill (a safe assumption because it attempts to unravel Obamacare), Senate leaders can afford to lose only two Republicans.

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Hospitals play an integral role in reducing violence in their communities. Hahnemann University Hospital supports the American Hospital Association's Hospitals Against Violence campaign. Their efforts highlight the great work being done to end violence.

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“We always knew that something was wrong,” Michelle Lessner-Gonzales said about her son, Nicolas. “He wasn’t crawling on time. He wasn’t walking on time.” Nicolas, 14, has Duchenne #musculardystrophy, which overwhelmingly affects boys and causes their muscles to deteriorate, killing many of them by the end of their 20s. Last fall, though, the very first drug to treat the rare muscle disease was approved. The problem is it’s still unclear if Exondys 51 works. And because of its high cost — the drug can cost more than $1 million a year — many insurers are either declining to cover it or imposing severe restrictions that render patients ineligible. Meanwhile, parents insist that it’s working — or at the very least, that it can’t hurt to try. “To say it may not work is not good enough,” Michelle said. “I have to try for Nicolas. He deserves that shot. He deserves the chance.” She and Nicolas, photographed here by @mcheathamw, are currently waiting for the Illinois Medicaid program to decide whether it will cover Exondys 51. The decision should come by July 1. In the meantime, though, Nicolas is losing his ability to walk, a common prerequisite for coverage. “Every day it is imperative to slow down the progression,” Michelle told @nytimes. “His window is closing, and these review processes, it’s just throwing time away.” Visit the link in our profile to read more.

Call your senators now and tell them to oppose #trumpcare

Taxpayers’ money “will not be used to let people travel to states who chose to discriminate,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra told the Associated Press Thursday upon adding Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky to the list of places where state employee travel is restricted.

The ban is in accordance with California legislation that bans nonessential travel to states with anti-LGBT laws. Already on the list: North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennesee.
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September 2009: not to belabor the point but six months prior to the final vote on the ACA, President Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress which was televised live on the three networks and most other cable news channels (not sure about one of them). He laid out his argument for the health care bill in this speech and later participated in an all-day health care summit with bi-partisan Congressional leaders that C-SPAN broadcast in its entirety. And he also spoke at the GOP caucus retreat and answered every question; this also was broadcast on cable TV. Okay, sorry, I guess I did belabor the point.

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Honored to stand with my co-sponsors @repjudychu @repjohnlewis @replujangrisham of the VRAA as we wear blue to #RestoreTheVote!

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Voter Suppression is going on all across America to prevent minorities and young people from voting. Tomorrow's election in Georgia is a perfect example of efforts to suppress voters by the Republican candidate Karen Handel who as Secretary of State purged voter rolls to prevent minorities from voting in Georgia. Vote Jon Ossoff for Georgia 6 congressional seat! A leader for all people #gregpalast #amjoy #jonossoff #congressional #votersuppression #voterrights #specialelection #peachstate #peachstatepride #equality #equalityforall #constitution #voter #votingday #votingrights #millenials #politics #democrats #independent

Call now!

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