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Elyse Cragg  Gutting a 1910 apartment and generally being in love with my pets. Occasional travel. That's what happens here

Not *exactly* my original vision (turns out it was too small a space to box in the hood and have it look good) but not the worst before and after ever ☺️☺️☺️ P.S. shoutout to the best parents ever, who were there every step of the way

I call this slideshow “Diary of a reno and why it got too overwhelming to post”

1. That time they messed up the new floors so badly you could pull pieces out and 2. They had to completely replace them, starting the day we were supposed to move in

3. That time I was pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to do that

4. That time I sent meticulous diagrams of how the quartz could be cut to avoid THIS. They were ignored. I got a new counter

5. That time putting in built-ins made it pretty clear that new wall was not quite straight

6. That time someone thought this was ok

7. That time I asked for 1/16 grout lines so I could do charcoal and got 1/8 so had to change the plan...

We’re pretty much done now, and gearing up to take “after” photos. But somewhere along the way I got overwhelmed enough that I stopped sharing snippets of the process, and I regret that. So here’s one from a few months back. I really am proud of how far it’s come...

I never post about this type of thing, but Bourdain inspired me so much. I chose Vietnam because of his love for it, and it was perhaps my best adventure yet. I went to the restaurants he suggested in almost every place I visited. Mostly I just loved how much deep respect he had for other cultures with no derision, and how he pushed people to push past their bubbles. I’m truly so sad about this one. RIP Anthony.

People in #NOLA really know their paint combos 😍😍😍

Oh what I'd do to buy this girl and give her some love..... the prettiest bones 😍🎨🏡

New Orleans you have my heart #nola

Gettin super close...... (Please ignore ugly unpainted trim and doors...)

Snip snip bye bye hair @bluntmtl

Beautiful new floors starting to go in!


Poor baby got attacked in the park and had a chunk of his ear ripped apart. 8 stitches. Definitely not stoked about this cone thing 🐶😿💩

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