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Pensacola Beach  Help keep our beaches free of litter!♻️⛱🗑🐚🐬 For Harry Potter Park and Universal Studio pictures, follow me: @HarryPotterParkPics 🏰⚡️👦🏻

Last night, I climbed onto my soap box about the amount of litter on the beach. I was happy to see many supportive people and others who also walk along, with a trash bag and pick up litter. When we return to Pensacola for our next move, I'm organizing trash pick up parties. I'll need people willing to meet and help. It would be a fun time because, I'll make it fun! Give me a few years to leave Georgia, but I'm doing this and I'll need volunteer helpers! Service hours for schools could be earned. I'm excited and already thinking about the positive changes that we can make! 🐬🏄🏻😎🗑♻️ Here's those stupid red fake petals. I'm haunted by them! Ha! #leaveonlyyourfootprints #litterbugssuck #pensacola #florida

Filled this bag within a short walk along our beach. By the end of 2 hours, I filled 4 bags of trash. We must do better for our wildlife and beach. 😫😡🏖♻️🗑#exploreflorida #nature #bird #explorepcola #litterbugssuck #litter #beach #visitflorida #visitpensacola #hashtagflorida #leaveonlyyourfootprints

Warning! ⚠️ 🗑♻️🏖Soapbox time! While visiting Pensacola Beach, I always bring a few garbage bags to pick up what others have left behind or stuff that's washed ashore. I feel I'm making a small difference to a place I truly love and for the wildlife that call calls our beach home. I always respect the nesting areas. I drive the speed limit posted for the nesting areas ( baby birds can't fly, they cross the road on foot). For three days in a row, I collected these fake red flower petals that blew all over the bird's nesting area. The amount of litter that was inside the fenced off area was truly sad. I spotted new fluffy, white baby birds and prayed they would not eat or get caught up in all the plastic bags, water bottles, plastic caps etc. that surrounded them. Truly sad. If someone is visiting the beach for the beauty, why on earth do you litter and or use stupid fake red flower petals to pollute the environment? Please, if everyone picks up a piece of litter they see, the beach would be clean. We all need to do our part. If you visit and enjoy our gorgeous beaches, it's your duty and responsibility to maintain the natural state and make it a safe place for wildlife. This is their home.They were here first, we are only visiting their environment. Thank you. #exploreflorida #explorepcola #litterbugssuck #pensacola #florida #beach #birds #skimmers #snowyplover #snowyplovers #respectnature #litter #nwfdailynews #hashtagflorida #visitflorida #visitpensacola #leaveonlyyourfootprints

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