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Penn Badgley  Learning how to use social media. Going full anti-hero on television right now in YOU on Lifetime.

I can really vouch for this org @tahirihjustice is trying to provide a number of Spanish speaking attorneys to women & children in the caravan walking north, many of whom are fleeing violence & persecution. It’s important they are represented & empowered to understand their rights. @tahirihjustice runs a tight ship—every little bit truly counts. Consider making a contribution. Link is in bio. Thank you.

Me & Layli Miller-Muro, she’s a brilliant light in this world. Tonight I’m MC’ing a gala for her org @tahirihjustice , they provide pro-bono legal rep & social services for immigrant women & children. Thank you for including me, Layli! Y’all check out the work they do. It’s literally awesome.

Another one from @robinsonbrooklyn who makes the only suits I own. #bespokesuit #americanmade

A beautiful Dormeuil wool #bespokesuit made by my friend Craig @robinsonbrooklyn whose shop I used to live above. Why now, of all times, to post something like this? Bc Craig asked me to. Sup Craig. ALSO consider everything we do before & after we vote is a decision to spend time, energy or money. I know exactly where it’s going with @robinsonbrooklyn and his is a small business I want to support. Thanks again, Craig! #pinksocks

A Sunday of apple picking before the guy on the end there becomes a father. Edit: *not me. Other guy at the end.

What you see in these pictures are people from all around the world, some 166 countries, participating in an election process they believe in. They have seen it empowering their communities at the grassroots local level—families and neighborhoods—AND at the level of national & international institutions which serve in deference to the prosperity of all. Campaigning is forbidden. Every ballot is blind. This is critical thought, sober reflection, consultation, prayer, meditation, laughter and joyous celebration of every culture present—all to inform an election process. This is how the Bahai’ Faith is learning to organize, and I have never been more in awe of an administrative process in my entire life.

How are you thinking about social change? To me, it seems to be the translation of noble thoughts into action. What does this mean to you? If you believe in a universal truth, whether in terms of a moral code or a cultural standard or otherwise... how are you spreading this idea? How do you communicate this so that it is heard—and better yet, adopted? This is what I’m thinking about.

We have a new episode up for you tonight 10pm @youonlifetime . Look to my twitter (also your own mind 🤩)for reflections on the themes of this show, which is twisted fun & begs for the reconsideration of cultural norms and narrative tropes.

Tonight 9/9 at 10pm on @lifetimetv . I want to say something like “I’m back.” I also want to encourage every viewer to think deeply about the themes of this show. It might be a lot of fun to consume, but there are some seeds that’ll be hard to digest. Be careful as you meet Joe Goldberg.

A few hours in a hotel room before continuing the press tour for my new show. I’ll be posting more today about @youonlifetime, which airs tonight 9/9 at 10pm.

I am headed now, on this very train, definitely about 15 mins late to chat with @stefdawson about our @thepaperstoremovie on @uinterview LIVE. Google it, surely that’s easier for you than it is for me. I’m waiting for service underground anyway and then I gotta run.

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