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I am headed now, on this very train, definitely about 15 mins late to chat with @stefdawson about our @thepaperstoremovie on @uinterview LIVE. Google it, surely that’s easier for you that it is for me. I’m waiting for service underground anyway and then I gotta run.

Video Out Today 🚯 @pgdm and I have created Mall Wave (@skidsuburban ) • link in bio • Big thank you to @milk for all the support!

Oct 31 2017 #FaribaKamalabadi was released today, as one of seven Baha'i leaders in Iran who were imprisoned nearly 10 years ago for being #Bahai. Five of the original seven remain locked up, along with over 90 other Baha’is. These are prisoners of conscience. They are guilty of no crime other than their faith, a faith that teaches about racial equality, the importance of the advancement of women, and an end to prejudice. We cry out now to end religious persecution in Iran!

After 10 years of unjust imprisonment, #MahvashSabet, 64, Iranian Bahá'í, teacher, poet, was released on Sep 18, 2017. Six of her friends, all Bahá'í, are still in prison for their faith. They are expected to complete their sentences soon. #6moretogo "Although Mrs. Sabet is being freed from prison, she will still not achieve full freedom... She will return to a society where Baha'i youth are deprived of access to higher education and public jobs, where attacks on small Baha'i-owned shops are increasing, cemeteries are being desecrated, Baha'is are vilified in state sponsored media on a daily basis and where they are arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned for their beliefs... We hope that their release will start a new chapter for the treatment of the Baha'is in Iran and that the government will begin to remove the obstacles in its way to abide by the promise it has made of 'creating justice for all Iranians equally.'" (from the Principal Representative of the Baha'i International Community to the UN)

@dominokirke has released an album of gorgeous music that will stand the test of time. #BeyondWaves

@issarae (And thanks to @darthvadenz for the heads up)

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