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Ampurr Thomas  Cat whisperer 😻 Modern hippie with a passion for yoga, food, nature and the love of my life.

Betty, you’re not blending yet. 😹 #marcopolo #ispy #familyiseverything

Depression this year has gotten the better of me, but I forced myself to practice for 30 minutes. This song always will resonate deep within me. Enjoy the cats.

Progress check thanks to Facebook memories. Flying pigeon! 1st photo was December 2016, second photo was September 2017 and last was taken today. Total disclaimer: my practice has fallen to the back burner and no I didn’t practice before taking the photo/video. I threw on yoga pants and my yoga paws and in true insta yogi fashion, got down to taking an insta worthy post. What a terrible yogi I am. Whatevs. Trevor is in the background practicing fairies wear boots by Black Sabbath.

Unexpectedly running into my family was the best thing ever today. Blend in better, Betty. 😹😹

This year’s obligatory “family” Christmas photo. 🤦🏻‍♀️🎄😻😹 disclaimer: no kids were hurt, yes treats were used and patience was tested.

When you look at your phone on your lunch break and see this adorableness. 😻😻😻

I believe I can fly! And brandy has faith in me too.

60 minute practice down to 60 seconds. I did it! I made my first yoga flow playlist for myself and nailed an hour practice. While I was consistently distracted if you couldn’t tell, I still did it. I swear having a kitten is just as bad as a little toddler running through the house.

Had a wonderful time with my family yesterday. Trevor had a leach and there was plenty of pie. 😻😻😻

Happy thanksgiving everyone! The goal today is to be present and try to think positively. For example, I only practiced for 18 minutes out of my intended 45 minutes because of that furry jerk in the background. I am thankful I have that furry jerk in my life and I’m also thankful I have a yoga practice at all, including a beautiful magical body that can do magnificent things. What are you thankful for today?

Dancer pose has always made me feel like I’m graceful until I overreach and fall. 😹

This dang cat 😹😩😻🙏🏻 she’s teaching me patience and telling me it’s just fucking yoga. 😹🤷🏻‍♀️

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