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aleyna ❀ ; 1.5k cutie gang ♡  ─ Official Danny Phantom fanclub 🥀 🍃 sdmn + 2 cals = too much for me 🍃 ☁️ got the boost boii's / germany ☁️ ✨ twitter: blurryredrose ✨

≫ first pic ≪
Calfreezy: "Hey Chris let's have a night out! Chris? Chris......? #onthephoneallnight"
≫ second pic ≪
Chris: "Distraction technique at it's finest, meanwhile your 3 nurtured drinks abandoned on the battlefield look on."

Happy tobi is the best tobi 🙏🏻❤️

Me when one of my friends got a new hair color..

Idc if simon's tongue is a little bit out, i only care for superman in the back 😂



I'm crying for tobi and for this girl right now. He sat by her side and now she don't live anymore. She's dead. She was so young, omg. Well i don't now her personally, but it's so sad to see young people not living anymore. I'm in her same age. Literally speechless. God bless her in heaven and tobes 🙏🏻✨ Spreading love to tobi and especially to her, her family and friends ❤️
Rest in Peace 💛


Spreading love 💞

Hopefully the 22 dead people are save in the heaven. Sad what happened. Kids in my age and younger died. I can't believe it. They wanted to have fun and now.. *sigh* ✨
God bless the families, the friends, Ariana Grande and all good people on earth 🙏🏻💘

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