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have a good life cuties ♡  [🥀] the end of a love story to british youtubers [💞] "i'll never forget my 1.8k cutie gang!" - aleyna [☁️] 19.09.16 - 13.07.17

will you hold on to me? - i'll end this acc with this edit, bc i will say that at least i've done my thing and i'll follow my heart ☁️ Thank you all so much for your support! 💖
[k-pop acc @wonhocutie 🍃/ #unīcorngc]

*sigh* it's so hard saying goodbye to you all. I never thought that it will end one day, but the love to sidemen don't exist anymore in my heart and i'm very sorry for that, bc i have to end this acc and you can't enjoy it anymore. Well we all have to bring some victims for our dreams, but you are innocent victims. I hope you all will understand it. My love flew away to korean music, to my old love dancing and to the love singing.
This are the only things in my mind and heart and they are my dreams. I see many people hating k-pop, but well i like to love different things, to know some new things that are strange to me.
And k-pop is new for me, the language, the style literally. I dreamed since i was a young kid being like them, but i was sad back then, bc i was the only one who wanted this kind of style (being unique with flashier clothes) and i didn't knew k-pop when i was young.
Now i know k-pop and that is literally my style i ever wanted to make. I can do my thing now. I can be me. And yea that's the reason why i lost the love to sidemen, but bc of them i became really really good in english and that's why i wanna say thank you to them and to you! 💞✨


in your arms. - well this edit mean the world to me, because in this edit are my favorite people & the song is special for me too, but i hope everyone enjoys it! 💞✨
[monsta x feat. sdmn & 2 cals 🍃]


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