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I hope touching the wound leads to healing...Can you guess the meaning of each illustration?
#breakthesilencechallenge #penciledcelebrities

HELP BRING AWARENESS!!TEAM UP & BREAK THE SILENCE!!! The world must see this!! MAKE IT GO VIRAL!! 1. #Repost this image 2. Create a caption for these illustrations 3. Hashtag #Breakthesilencechallenge & #artforacause

The little ones have no voice, This is certainly not by their choice. Even when we hear their cries, Does it ever really open our eyes?

A child’s life matters most of all, If we do not want our nation to fall. Each tear that falls from a baby’s cheek, Is brought on by someone who is a coward and weak. Cry out for these little ones and hear their voice, You are the only one that can make that choice.

Pay Attention To Our Little Ones. And Those Around Them. Stop Baby Abuse #breakthesilencechallenge #penciledcelebrities

People with albinism have more serious problems. In some parts of Africa, lack of classroom accommodations and stigma can prevent people with albinism from holding profitable jobs. Even worse for Africans with albinism, dangerous myths are circulating in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and other countries that perpetuate the raping, killing, and dismemberment of people with albinism. These include that body parts of people with albinism carry good luck and that intercourse with a woman who has albinism can cure HIV.

In a few areas, they are known as a punishment of the gods or a bearer of the evil eye. In different places, their body parts are constantly used as talismans or ingredients to create potions to heal diseases and get good fortunes in business. Due to these beliefs, albinos are casualties of assaults, killings, and mutilations. (TAG A FRIEND TO LEARN ABOUT THIS) #penciledcelebrities #breakthesilencechallenge

The System Is Broke #breakthesilencechallenge
Pure justice is said to be color blind, Today unfair justice is controlled by closed minds. None of us, black, white, yellow, or brown, Can know the truth when it is squashed down. Instead of a blindfold, a gag is used,The whole truth, and nothing but the truth, has been abused. We only hear and see what we are taught to be true, Our perception has been horribly misconstrued. One day we all need to trade places, So we can see the truth in other’s faces.
-@penciledcelebrities (tag a friend) #penciledcelebrities.

Human trafficking is seldom talked about, as victims often don’t survive, Good men stand silent while evil continues to thrive. No thought is given to those who are afraid, When a life is measured by how much money is to be made. Evil grows when nothing is said, When women and children are left for dead.
Don’t scratch your head and look perplexed. There is no good in what happens next. Speak up for those whose voices can’t be heard, Stop the pain and spread the word. "The Cost of Silence" - @penciledcelebrities
Hotline: 1-866-347-2423

#penciledcelebrities #breakthesilencechallenge

BREAK THE SILENCE!!! The whole world must see this!! So MAKE IT GO VIRAL!! 1. #Repost this image 2. Create your own story for these illustrations 3. Hashtag #Breakthesilencechallenge & #artforacause -For Help Call The Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Imagine not being able to voice your feelings? Imagine the fear, the terror and the betrayal and how all of this made you feel. As a matter of fact, imagine if it still makes you feel this way. This has been happening for a while. It started when I was younger, maybe the age of 5 or 6. Now that I'm thirteen, things are completely different. I guess without thinking subconsciously I realized something was terribly wrong. He, as my father’s friend looked after me like his own; and would always tell me, "When you are grown, you're going to be special!" I'd smile; not knowing that 'grown' would come soon. Before, I was unaware of his subliminal action but now I've awakened to a dark reality. I WANTED TO TELL my story, yet I was afraid of what would happen to my family, or even me because he'd threaten me. FINALLY I realized that I MUST say something because if I don't I will continue to live in agony. Even if I don't save myself, I want every child to know NOW, not later, NEVER BE AFRAID TO TELL ON A PERPETRATOR! (Tag a friend, caption your opinion and let's discuss)
For Help Call The Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 #penciledcelebrities #abuse #Breakthesilencechallenge

"The house that was seen and believed to be the holy grail and foundation of the Christian faith, is fast becoming a hub for paedophilia." (TAG a friend, caption your opinion and let's discuss)
#penciledcelebrities #stoptheabuse

I am NOT here to be abused by you emotionally, physically and psychologically because "FINANCIALLY" you make more than me! Just remember who I am supposed to be to. I am a man, I am a father, I am a provider, I am a protector, but most importantly, I am a human being first and everything else second. I am strong but my love for you makes it seem as if I'm weak. I may appear okay to you because you never hit me and left any physical marks but your rage, your insults and your shaming over who the breadwinner is increases the deficit of my manhood more than you can ever imagine. (TAG A FRIEND) #penciledcelebrities #abused #abuse

Before the vows; my mind, my soul and my heart was in awe of of the man you pretended to be. Deceitfully treated me like a queen. I was the happiest woman ever UNTIL you made me bleed. You became my voice, my smile, my joy, and my laughter but you also were my darkest hour, my worse nightmare! You controlled my emotions and my choices. At times, you beat me to the ground, yet still claimed you loved me. My reflection of love became coping with pain, and my feelings of despair remained mundane. Beating myself up day after day for not doing right by you, so I decided to get accustom to tears, sorrow, and pain. Still trying to figure out why I allowed the manipulation to reign. Innocent mind struggling to deal and never be free. Sorry to say it but this is a bogus, fake love story, where a woman is getting attention through lies and deceit. (TAG FRIENDS)

Stop The Abuse Project!! For Help Call The Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 #penciledcelebrities

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