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Ray Styles Studios  Our Art! Your Expression! Commission Status: “Open” #penciledcelebrities #breakthesilencechallenge

"The house that was seen and believed to be the holy grail and foundation of the Christian faith, is fast becoming a hub for paedophilia." (TAG a friend, caption your opinion and let's discuss)
#penciledcelebrities #berrycurly #childabuse #stoptheabuse

Before the vows; my mind, my soul and my heart was in awe of of the man you pretended to be. Deceitfully treated me like a queen. I was the happiest woman ever UNTIL you made me bleed. You became my voice, my smile, my joy, and my laughter but you also were my darkest hour, my worse nightmare! You controlled my emotions and my choices. At times, you beat me to the ground, yet still claimed you loved me. My reflection of love became coping with pain, and my feelings of despair remained mundane. Beating myself up day after day for not doing right by you, so I decided to get accustom to tears, sorrow, and pain. Still trying to figure out why I allowed the manipulation to reign. Innocent mind struggling to deal and never be free. Sorry to say it but this is a bogus, fake love story, where a woman is getting attention through lies and deceit. (TAG FRIENDS)
#penciledcelebrities #breakthesilencechallenge #childabuse

The little ones have no voice, This is certainly not by their choice. Even when we hear their cries, Does it ever really open our eyes?

A child’s life matters most of all, If we do not want our nation to fall. Each tear that falls from a baby’s cheek, Is brought on by someone who is a coward and weak. Cry out for these little ones and hear their voice, You are the only one that can make that choice.

Pay Attention To Our Little Ones. And Those Around Them. Stop Baby Abuse (COMMENT & SHARE) #breakthesilencechallenge #penciledcelebrities #childabuse

Don't let the pressures of others, not even family get in the way of your healthy and happy relationship!! True or False? #penciledcelebrities

There is no greater gift than the gift of life....The one gift that can turn your worst situation to the best moment of your life. The one that gives you butterflies or maybe just a small kick. Never forget how precious life truly is. (Tag a loved one) #penciledcelebrities #love #family #marriage #lnstagram

praying for a safe and healthy delivery! (Tag away) #penciledcelebrities #love

Stop leaving your sons and daughters with boyfriends/girlfriends you barely know! Child abuse and child molestation is real! #ripbella #penciledcelebrities #payattention #childabuseawareness #breakthesilencechallenge

Happy Easter! He is Risen! TTYL Jesus. 😂😄 (Caption this...humor) #penciledcelebrities #breakthesilencechallenge

Grandfather Chinua Achebe! Commission work for @face2faceafrica 🇳🇬 #penciledcelebrities

The great “Fela Kuti” Commission work for @face2faceafrica 🇳🇬 #penciledcelebrities

Former President of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah! Commission work for @face2faceafrica 🇬🇭#penciledcelebrities #f2fa

100% Pencil of Queen 👸 @oprah (Tag @oprah ) #penciledcelebrities #pencilonpaper

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